9:40 PM

   Let's see if I can drum up a little post from the hazy fog and foggy haze that is my brain right now.

  •  Jocelyn is teething.  For some reason, her top two teeth have been worse than her bottom two, making for some very long days for all of us.
  • I feel stretched thin these days.  Like I'm going in too many directions to give myself fully to any one thing, you know?
  • My brain is too full to process.  I've got house-hunting/craft-making/child-rearing/family-visiting/baby-dedicating/friendship-connecting/food-cooking on the brain, and a lot of other things.  
      I was going to do some "snapshots of summer from my iPhone", but I can't get it to work and let's just be honest, I'm running on empty to start with so that's probably not such a good idea to try and tackle.  So what do we do when we have no photos?  We use other's peoples!

Random things..............
 This girl makes being pregnant look fashionable, effortless, and fun.  Win-win.

Will I have a home someday that I can make warm, relaxing and inviting?

   And pray tell, will I ever possess even a fraction of the talent, energy, motivation and slap-your-knee creativity of this amazing seamstress/photographer?  Will I ever get to that point? Reach that plateau?  Hmmm?  Will I?!

   I just want to reach the point in life where I'm sewing together darling little outfits for Jossie and taking fabulous pictures of it all.  Pretty please?
    I'm off.  Enjoy the weekend lovelies.
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  1. gorgeous pictures! i love the maternity picture... she is just glowing, and looks like she's make a wonderful mother. :)
    and sewing projects... some people are just pure geniuses, and i stand in awe!

  2. Is that what warm and inviting homes looks like? Because I would be afraid to breathe, much less eat chocolatey foods, in that home.

  3. love this post...real, honest, and cute to boot!

  4. good stuff, my friend. good stuff.


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