Grateful Monday.

11:00 AM

   Good morning world!  I would like it to be known that I am trying to remain upbeat and positive, even though it's cold and drizzly outside.  See? I don't always complain about the weather. :p

   I was inspired yesterday.  Maybe it was because it was a Sunday, and I rather enjoy Sundays.  Or maybe it was because I helped sing on the praise and worship team, and that always seems to kick-start my week in a good way.  Or maybe it was because of a combination of different things, but whatever the reason, I was just struck with gratitude for my many blessings.  If you're a worrier like me, that is a welcome change, trust me!

   It occurred to me, that out of all the situations,  bad life choices, unhealthy environments (physically and spiritually) I could have ended up in, I have:

  •  A wonderful husband who loves me and shows it daily.
  • A beautiful, healthy, sweet little girl that has changed me forever.
  • A healthy mind, body and spirit.
  • Family who care about me.
  • Friends who add depth to my life.
  • A God who desires a relationship with me.
  • A place to live.
  • Money to spend.
  • Food to eat.
  • Clothes to wear.
  • A car to drive. (not right now, it's in the shop. But usually!)
  • Dreams, goals and visions.
  • Gifts, abilities and skills.
  • Passion.
   The list could go on and on.  And the best part is all God's doing!  I could have been born any place on the earth, or not born at all.  I could have been born blind, or deaf, or severely disabled.  I could have been born into poverty and suffering. I could have been unable to have children.  I could have married the wrong guy.  I could have turned my back on God.  I could have alienated myself from family and friends.  I could have ended up so many different places, but by God's grace, I am here. I am here in this life I call my own, and it's a good one.  And  I am THANKFUL. 

   I think so often we are just gobbling up whatever life can serve us, with an attitude of, "I deserve all this and more.  I only want what's coming to me, and it's the best of everything, of course."  Or "I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and made myself into what I am today.  I got no help from nobody and the only person I can count on is me."  Or how about, "Embrace your beauty and the strength from within yourself.  Because the power inside of you is the only thing that can bring about all of your hopes and dreams for your future."  

   I am here to tell you folks, that without God, I would not be a shadow of the person I am today, and the only things my life would have yielded would be shame, selfish emptiness, vanity and sorrow.  all glory goes to HIM who made beauty from ashes, and has poured out gallons of blessing upon me, until I am drowning in it, wondering at his mercy.  He is good!  He is good when things are good, and He is good when things aren't.  But I can honestly say, He is good. 

What are you thankful for on this Monday?

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  1. feeling thankful here too!
    a clean house
    a fun weekend with my old friends from all over
    2 sleeping girls
    safety for laila when we thought she was lost this weekend
    life in Jesus...
    thanks for sending my thoughts upward today!
    i love what you have to say right before the word RUBBISH. i am soo with you. i get sick of hearing that crap. even strawberry shortcake preaches it... :( (if you follow your dreams, you can be anything you want to be!)

  2. Thankful for my mom and all that she has invested into me. Thinking about my 9 cousins who woke up this morning without a mom. So blessed!

  3. I am thankful that God seeks us out. I am thankful that our Christianity is not linked to our performance. I am thankful for grace.
    p.s. thanks for the walk :)


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