This and that. Long overdue.

9:32 PM

    My deepest apologies.  I'd be amazed if anyone even still reads this blog after how badly its been neglected over the past few weeks!  There was just too much wonderful activity crammed into my waking hours to spend even a few moments on blogging.  The things that have kept me occupied as of late:

  •  Wonderful, splendid, fantastic visitors from the homeland: my mom, my brother Shawn, and my friend Lindsay.  We had a terrific time, but that will need a blog post of its own, and that will have to wait until I can get some pictures. :(
  • A wedding.  A beautiful, breath-taking out-door wedding with great music, a fairy-tale setting, and perfect weather.  That will also require a post of its own.
  • Spending time with Byran & Amy & Xavier while they were out for aforementioned wedding.
  • Other things that just seem to fill in all the cracks of an otherwise busy schedule.
Things like playing with cousins......

 It's very hard nearly impossible to get those three looking at the camera at the same time.  Or even just looking up at the same time for that matter.  Oh well.  They're still adorable.  And in that last one, Xavier's hair reminds me of Randy's!

   Summer days are for lazy times too, like blowing raspberries in the chub rolls of a loved one.

  Somehow I married a ripped, handsome hunk of a man, (I mean seriously check out those biceps in the first pic!) and was blessed by a darling little cherub straight from Heaven.  Not taking credit here folks, just feeling awed and blessed.  So blessed.

   And sometimes, when hubs is singing at the prison on Sunday mornings and it seems like it will just be too much to get myself and baby girl out of the house and to church on time, I stay home.  In my defense, I really needed to sleep in that morning.  And it turned out to be a lovely morning!  I love going to church, I truly do, but I think sometimes the best "church-time" can be found on a long walk down to the banks of a quiet river, surrounded by nature, listening to the quiet and to God, and re-charging one's spirit.  And that's just what I did.

   Joce played contentedly on a blanket, and I re-charged.  It was lovely.

   It's official, Joce rocks a hat.  Arrgghh she's so cute I want to eat her!  There it is, a phrase that never made any sense to me whatsoever until I was a mom.

   Well there you have it folks, just a little glimpse and I mean, teeny tiny peek into our lives this summer.  I finally figured out how to get pics from my iPhone onto my blog *thunderous round of applause* and so those will give a bigger peek into our summer, when I get around to posting them.  Grace, mercy, patience, understanding.  These are the attributes needed in readers of my blog. ;)

Thursday is drawing to a close folks, it's all downhill from here!

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  1. I agree, Joce rocks the hat! adorable;)!!
    Nikki H.


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