8 months old.

10:34 AM

    Jocelyn here, for my monthly blog post about how old I'm getting.  
   Sometimes Daddy and Mommy are so hard to understand.  Daddy puts me in the swing and says, "She looks SO big!!" and almost sounds a little sad, but then later he says, "I can't wait until she's a little older and can ride in the truck with me."   And then Mommy calls me "Little Miss" and "Mama's Big Girl"  so I can't for the life of me figure out if they wish I was smaller or bigger, or if I'm just right. Well, hopefully they don't mind it if I grow bigger, because I sure am!  I'm eight whole months!

   A little info about me and what I'm up to these days:
  •  I've finally doubled my birth weight!  I am 14 lbs and 1 oz. and 28" tall.  That puts me in the 75th-90th percentile for height, and below the 5th percentile in weight.  I wouldn't know any of this if I hadn't peeked at the baby book as Mommy was writing it in. I can't figure out why Mommy gets so excited when she loses weight, and equally excited when I gain some.  Big people are so confusing!

  • My eyes are still blue, so maybe they'll stay that way.  My hair is getting light and lighter, and now is a medium brown with just a touch of red in it when the natural light hits it.  Mommy likes to think it's auburn, which is a fancy name for brown. 
  •  My feet are still looong like Mommy's, and I don't have many shoes that fit right now.  Mommy has been trying to find some, but she can be pretty picky when it comes to shoes and as daddy likes to say, "indecisive".  I don't know what that means, I just know I don't hardly have any shoes right now.  So I go barefoot most places.  Good thing it's summer!
  • I am quickly getting a mouth full of teeth, as teeth #5 and #6 are peeking through.  I like to try them out on Mommy but she never seems to enjoy it as much as I do.  Here I am trying them out now!

  • Daddy and Mommy keep putting me on my tummy to see if I will crawl, but I'm not having any of it.  It's just not nearly as fun as sitting up nice and tall and playing with all my toys.  I'd much rather lean way over to try and reach things than lay on my belly like a beached whale, flapping around getting nowhere.  No thanks, guys.

  • This talking thing sure is tough.  I have all these thoughts and ideas and feelings and emotions, but when I try to express them, it just comes out "Ai-ai-ai-ai-ai", or "Ppppbbbbtttthhhhhhh", or "RRRRRrrrr", which I think should be real words, but I guess they're not.  Sometimes I say  "Da" and Daddy gets pretty excited, but Mommy not so much.  She keeps saying, "Say mama! Mum. Mum. Mum. MUM."  But I don't get it.  I talk to her all day long and tell her I love her all the time!  
  • I'm starting to get pretty bored with my toys, and I'd much rather play with big people things.  Things like spatulas, spoons, wire whisks, packs of gum, brush and comb, hand sanitizer, and pretty much anything that's not a little baby toy.  I am 8 months, after all.

  • Mommy and Daddy still go on dates without me, so I guess I'm not the center of their universe like I thought.  But it's o.k., I like staying with Grandma and Auntie Stephanie.  They have lots and lots of cool toys and feed me yummies and then when Mommy gets back she kisses me all over and says "I missed you! I love you so much Little Miss!"  And it makes me feel pretty special.  I guess I'm maybe not the center of their world, but pretty close.  

       Well there you have it folks, a little bit about me and this time of my life.  Mommy's already starting to think about (Daddy calls it worrying about) my first birthday party.  I can't wait!  1 YEAR OLD. Doesn't it just sound so grown-up?  I'm sure I'll get to do all kinds of things by then.  Like drive a car and run for President and stuff.  I'll just have to wait a few more months.

    It's Saturday! Go out and play in the sun, big people. 

    I plan to.

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  1. Love this! the pictures are so cute!

  2. as always...just lovely! (did you make the chair cover) :)
    great job on the pictures they are adorable!

  3. So so cute Shelley. What mad photography skills you are developing.

  4. Thanks ladies! No Jewel, I didn't make it. Wish I could take credit for such a nifty little re-do! Jessi thanks, I feel like I have SOOO much to learn still it's crazy. Baby steps!:)

  5. that's so funny what you said about Joce not having shoes :) Neither does viv! her feet are kinda cubby on top and it is hard to find ones that fit, and are cute, and I'm so picky too! lol it drives Chris batty :) Let me know if you find any! :)


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