9 months old.

4:40 PM

   Well, actually, I'm nine months and eleven days, in case you wanted to know.  But Mommy's gotten a little behind in her picture-taking, and so here we are.  Oh well, it's better than never at all!

    My latest skill is fake coughing.  Every once in a while after Mommy or Daddy lets out a loud cough or sneeze I will do it, and they think it's pretty cute. :)  I still love being outside more than in, and enjoy watching some of Daddy's softball games at the park.  I also like going to church, because after sitting in church patiently for what seems like a LONG time,  I get to go to the nursery and play with my friends.
    Mom says it's "fall" now, and I know a little about that.  I fall sometimes, but not very far, just from my bottom to a face-plant on the floor because I'm trying to reach stuff.  I'm not crazy enough to try walking around, because falling from that high would hurt alot more!  I'm also not too interested in crawling, although Mommy and Daddy keep trying to get me to.  Inch around on the dirty floor getting my knees sore and my clothes messy?  No thanks.  I think I'll just go straight to walking someday and surprise the pants off of them.

    I'm still nursing and eating more and more foods now.  I especially like potatoes, fruit and Grandma Bonnie's vegetable soup.  I'm excited for the day when I can eat the same foods Mommy and Daddy are eating, and I think they are too!  Mom gets tired of pureeing all that baby food.  Isn't that impressive? I'm only 9 months and I know what "puree" means.
    I'm making more sounds, and Mommy's favorite is when I say something that sounds like, "Gli-gli-gli-gli."  I'm not sure why, it just makes her grin and say it back to me.  She's trying to teach me signs like "More", "All done", and "Please" but I just mostly think she looks a little funny doing them.  I am starting to wave bye-bye, and they get a big kick out of that!

    I went on a trip with Mommy and Daddy to Phoenix, and it was kinda fun.  Only kinda because I woke up alot at night because things weren't quite familiar and I didn't have my rice cereal. When Mommy FINALLY figured out that I really missed my cereal (it took her a long time!) I slept much better.  It was also pretty hot, but I loved swimming in the pool!  Mommy says I'm a little fish but that's silly because I can't breathe in the water.  I know because sometimes I get my mouth under and I try it out, but it doesn't work so well.  It was fun to meet Mommy's friend Jewel though! She was nice and let me play with her spatula and whisk, so I was happy about that.

    I don't remember the flights there, because I slept the whole time for both of them, but I remember the ones coming home!  I think Mom and Dad liked it a little better when I slept, but I had so much more fun being awake the whole time and getting held by both of them and eating lots of snacks.  I was very happy to be home and was immediately in a better mood.  I'm not sure if I love traveling yet quite as much as Mommy does.  But I'm beginning to think it will always be a part of my life!  I think I'll learn to like it more.

    I have six teeth and I'm fine if that's all I get.  They hurt when they come in and make me pretty grumpy.  Plus they don't do a whole lot, I can swallow all of my food.  I'm afraid I might be getting some more,  because I'm really drooling and biting all the time, and those are usually the signs of incoming chompers.

     Sometimes when I'm around other people, I get really shy, and bury my face into Daddy's chest to hide.  I overheard him telling mommy that he just loves it when I do that, it makes him feel so needed.  And so now sometimes even when I'm not feeling scared, I still do it to make him feel special.  I love my Daddy!
   For these pictures, Mom threw leaves on my head and gave me a pumpkin to play with, so it was actually kind of fun!  Except for when it started to get close to my naptime and I wanted to go home.

   All in all, I'd say it's been an eventful month since my last update. Only two more until my 1st birthday party! Oh boy am I looking forward to that.  I hope it will be a big bash with lots of friends and family and yummy things to eat.  Hopefully Mommy doesn't forget!  She forgot Daddy's once.  And then only 5 days after that is something called Christmas.  Mommy says it is a celebration of Someone else's birthday, and He's a pretty Special Person.  I can't wait to find out what that is all about!

This is Jocelyn Kate, over and out!

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  1. Well Jocelyn Kate, you, my dear, are absolutely too precious for words. I miss you and your mommy. A lot. Will you tell her I said hi and give her a big hug for me? ;)

  2. This is SOOOO GREAT! I love these pictures, she is beautiful and these pictures are great!

  3. Jossi, don't even bother with walking. Just skip straight to driving. That's what we do these days. Walking is so 1994.


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