12:21 PM

 Why? Oh, it's about:

  •    Having a to-do list for today that has approx. 22 items on it.
  •    Feeling dog-tired so I lay down for a morning nap when Joce does, sleep til about noon, and so half-way through the day how many items do I have crossed off the list? A big FAT ZERO.  Too bad drag-self-out-of-bed and drink a cup of tea weren't on the list.
  • Throat is scratching with that tell-tale, "I'm about one day away from making you feel really awful" sign.
  • Struggling with Jocelyn over every meal.  Is it o.k. for kids to just not eat?  Cuz that's pretty much what she wants to do.  Mmmm-K.
  • Hiring an awesome photographer through Groupon, only to have to call/email/text her about 263, 168, 973 times to try and set up a session, and when we FINALLY do, she flakes.  O.k. so she might have been sick, but I'm looking forward to these family pics/Christmas cards a little too much and impatiently, ok?!
  • And realizing my awesome idea for our pictures was gotten to first by someone else.  Hmmm, maybe I could still do it.  Care for a little "I think I've seen that before" feeling in your Christmas cards this year? Eh?

   Anyway, all ranting/mumbling aside...I am blessed.  And the greatest blessing of all is that I have a Father Who is there to help me.  I am clinging to these words lately. 
    "I raise my eyes toward the mountainsWhere will my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.  He will not allow your foot to slip; your Protector will not slumber.  Indeed, the Protector of Israel does not slumber or sleep.  The LORD protects you; the LORD is a shelter right by your side.  The sun will not strike you by day, or the moon by night.  The LORD will protect you from all harm; He will protect your life.  The LORD will protect your coming and going both now and forever."  -Psalm 121

   Really, what do I ever have to fear?  The One who made the heavens and the earth is the One losing sleep over me.  He's the One gently guiding every step so my dirty, smelly human foot doesn't miss one step.  He's the one protecting me from all harm.  And sometimes that means protecting me from my own thoughts.  Yes, there are mountains in front of me.  But yes, I have a Helper.  And I'm so thankful to Jesus that it's not just for today, or even for "one day at a time".  Sometimes that trite little phrase just feels like it won't cut it!  No.  His help is both now and FOREVER. 

Thank-you Jesus.

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  1. oh dear. now i feel bad. . . :)

    seriously. do it anyways. balloons seriously rock.

    hope you fight that cold off. . . you can do it!!


  2. Ok first of all...how did you know?:) Second of all, it's not like it was "my" idea, we both just happen to think along the same lines of brilliance. :)

    Anyway, it really doesn't matter, it was sort of a joke. Oh and by the way, I LOVE the pics on your blog. You guys are smashing!

  3. I have been following your blog for some time now, and might as well introduce myself so you dont feel stalked! I must say your blog is one of my favorites! I love your honesty and writings and you've blessed me so much already. My first born is 7 months, and it's SO awesome to read blogs like yours and be encouraged by other new Moms. :) God bless you!


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