Calling all football widows.

9:44 AM

    I think my goal for 2012 should be writing a post that surpasses my all-time reader high.  Because the most read post is far and away the one I did about the royal wedding, and for some reason, that irks me.  Maybe it's because it has nothing to do whatsoever with my own life, and it is my blog, after all. I'll be working on that one.

   Here's a little project I did a while ago, at the start of this wonderful time we know as football season. :)  I love all the little Oregon duck clothes, but they are SO expensive!  I can hardly bring myself to spend $30 on a dress for myself, much less a 10 month old.  So I improvised. 
All you need is:

 A white onesie (this was conveniently dotted in yellow, but plain white would work fine)
 A free printable logo and a green sharpie

    I  placed the paper underneath the onesie, and traced it with the sharpie.  Easy peasy, anyone can do it.  It's so fun to make stuff like that for her, and the best part is saving $30!  THEN she was finally ready for some Duck football.

    I know alot of women have a love/hate relationship for their husband's love of sports (or mostly hate), hence the title of this post.  I, on the other hand,  have come to really enjoy it.  If you just coughed some of your coffee all over your keyboard, I'll give you some tips to help you learn to like it too.  

  1. Ask him to explain how the game works.  (Preferrably not during an intense match-up, or the national championship or something.:)
  2. Learn about some of the players.  Feeling like you know them makes a big difference.
  3. Play it yourself!  Football is TONS of fun. 
  4. Invite friends over and make cool snacks and watch the game together.  Make a party out of it!
  5. Go to a game.  There's just something about that energy-charged stadium, cheering crowd, bundling up in the cold and the $6 coffee that makes a fun date. :) 

    I encourage women out there with sports-loving men in your lives...give it a try!  What do you have to lose?  You might end up actually looking forward to those games, and cheering along with everybody else.  What's the alternative here?  Nag him until he gives up sports?  Would you enjoy it if he hated your shopping habits, nights out with your girls, or a hobby you love, and nagged you relentlessly to stop?  And even if you finally gave it up, wouldn't it have driven a tiny little wedge in between you?   Is it worth it?  

   Love him, and the things that he loves.  Join in with him.   That will mean more to him than any football game ever will.  The way I see it, men used to trek around the jungles/desert/mountains hunting game, slaying bears and mountain lions, and sawing down trees to build a cabin with their bare hands.  We live in a different world now, but they still crave adventure.  Action.  Competition.  A Challenge.  So let them be.  While they're enjoying that, go do something YOU love!  If you dread this time of year, every purpose every fall to start a new hobby or schedule a weekly Saturday out with the girls.  There's lots of options.  Wow, I was not planning on talking about football for three paragraphs. :)  

This little lady loves the outdoors, so we try to go out every day.

   In other news, it's only 9:02 am on a Monday and I already received a little inspiration.  I was slicing up some pears for Jocelyn's oatmeal (that she didn't like, surprise surprise) and I was a little appalled at how many were rotten.  Not just rotten, but still nice-looking on the outside, and ten a soon as you slice past the smooth surface, your knife gave way into the slimy mush of a decayed inside.  But they still looked o.k.!  How can something rot from the inside out? 
   Sometimes I feel so much like those pears.  Like the darkest parts of my heart are festering and molding away, while on the outside I paste on a smile and forge ahead.  As long as my outside looks good, no one will know, right?  Yesterday someone told me I had a beautiful smile, and it felt good.  Don't we all love it when someone compliments our outward appearance?  Especially us women.  But how much more meaningful would it be for someone to say, "You have a kind, serving heart."  Or, "You have such a beautiful spirit."  Not that we should develop those qualities for the praise of others, but so that when God looks inside, he sees beauty.  Because when everyone else sees the skin, God sees the core.

    So now I'd love to hear from you....what does this Monday hold for you?  Much of the same old, same old?  Something new and exciting?  Something you dread?  Something you've been putting off for forever and TODAY'S THE DAY?  Please humor me, comments just make my day. 

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  1. first of all. thanks for your nice words the other day on the blog. so sweet and made my day.

    secondly. such a cute idea for J's onsie. you rock!

    thirdly, today is a much needed day off and i'm just aching to do everything and nothing all at the same time.


  2. Yay for a football supporting wife! I had brothers who loved football, therefore I liked it before I even married my Notre Dame fan hubby, but it's great to hear this! (ps-Go Hawkeyes...i'm from IA)

    Sounds like you have a picky daughter too. I nursed my babe til she was 16 1/2 months, simply because I could NOT get her to eat table food! Hang in there...

  3. Love your onesie idea-too cute! Another craft could be using Iron-Ons. You can make your design and then print in on the paper and iron it on the shirt all in the convenience of your own home :D However, there is truly nothing more fun than to get out a few sharpee's and create something as cute as that onesie!

    I must agree with Laura-having such huge sport fans like my brothers and dad really makes it hard not to get into the football season myself! You gave such great ideas though. I am thinking I can most definitely apply those to my family.

    Gorgeous pics of your lil' girl. She is such a cutie pie! and Today definitely holds adventure-after the usual morning routine of cleaning. I love to make dinner! So finding new recipes and goodies to make always brings excitement to my day :)

    ps Go Ducks!

  4. O. my .word. (I came from Jenny but was reading down the line...:)

    Please, can I help you find some real Duck Quack? It is "in my backyard" and there is stuff at thrift stores etc. At least a little bit. most the time. What size are your kids? And while I'm full of questions, why the Ducks??


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