Guest posting.

4:44 PM

   Well, I guess I don't have a guest posting on here, but rather I AM the guest, posting over here!   Now I can finally feel like a real blogger.  :)  I am a big fan of Jenny's blog.  She is astonishingly creative and talented at decorating gorgeous tablescapes and parties, and I am a huge fan of her home decor/style on Pinterest. She is a sincere, Godly wife/mother, has two adorable girls (with even more adorable names) to call her very own, and you will generally be either inspired, encouraged, or humored after reading one of her posts.  Check it out! You will soon be a follower too.  And so of course I jumped at the chance (and felt quite honored)  to guest post over on her blog. 

Here's a peek:

    Check it out, and tell me what you think!  I deeply appreciate your feedback. Really, truly. 
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  1. Loved it, Shelley. Really, really agree with you. I didn't realize how far I'd "slipped" until I was with my younger sister for awhile, and then I felt all old and frumpy. =( Here's to fresh, chic, days ahead!!

  2. Shelley! You!...end in Frumpville???!!! That's absolutely impossible! :)Just as chic and beautiful as I've always known you to be... I truly enjoyed the post! Miss you!

  3. Those pics or Jocelyn are adorable. Love them, you looked smashing as well! :)

  4. Laura- Scary how it can change without us even realizing it, isn't it?

    Nomes- You're always so sweet. Thanks, and I hope the wedding plans are coming along great!!

    Jessi- Thanks, you're too kind!

  5. We must have the same taste in girl names. "Jocelyn" is def in my top 6! Love that name! I think I started liking it in the movie- A Knight`s Tale. :) and thanks for all the kind things you said-- def feeling unworthy...


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