Babymoon #2.

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   I had been doing pretty well up until now, even posting three times in one week! (Un-heard of.)  But then the hubs and I went on a little getaway, and I'm finding myself behind in my blogging again. I may only get one done this week, and that's bad.  I think sometimes the biggest hinderance is not the time issue, but rather the "not-feeling-like-downloading-or-editing-pictures" issue.  So basically laziness.  Shame on me.

   Here's one off of Google images because I am THAT lame.  The rest are mine though.

Balboa Island

   Here was a charming (albeit touristy) island that we walked around one evening.  It was lined with lots of cute little shops and places to eat.  Other things on our agenda in the sunny state of California:

Eating good food.
   Walking around Hollywood, seeing the wax museum and The Guiness Book of Records museum, and taking a tour of celebrity homes in Beverly Hills.
   Attending church Sunday morning at a Mars Hill campus and hearing a sermon entitled "Friend with Benefits" based on this book and series about marriage.  SO good.
   Shopping.  And more shopping. The shopping was great, and it was positively therapeutic to be able to browse, try on things and purchase them with no little, darling distractions.:)  Oh and while we were shopping, someone approached Randy and offered him two free tickets (they had a few seats to fill) to an all-exclusive premiere of the Cirque Du Soliel movie.  So we got to be part of of the first audience of anyone, anywhere to see it. In 3-D. For free. Very cool.
  And kicking back in a sweet hotel.  The whole trip was so relaxing and rejuvenating.  Having kids is awesome, because in a sense, it can make you feel like a kid again.  Because as a young adult, or even a newlywed, you start to take for granted the ability to travel, throw money around, and stay up til all hours of the night.  But becoming a parent sort of brings you back down to the real world in one fell swoop.  But then the beautiful part is when you leave your child behind, and you escape on a little getaway, it all comes rushing back.  Only this time, you KNOW just what you were taking for granted before, and you are even more thankful for the opportunity to be young and reckless.  It's a beautiful thing.

   Anyway, more pictures to come later.  Hopefully.  No promises though.  We're off again tomorrow for the weekend.  I promise this doesn't happen every weekend, it just so happens that we have two weekend trips planned back-to-back.  It's our annual Sunday school's class retreat to Twin Rocks camp.  I am very much looking forward to it!  I'm loving the way this rainy, dreary January is flying by.  

   One more thing before I leave, Bible study this morning was just what the doctor ordered.  Everyone took some time to share about what God was doing in their lives, and it was so meaningful.  I so appreciate our church and the people there, and the way they have opened up their arms to us.  I feel so at home there.  I didn't know if that would happen or not, but it has.  It was a God-send to us in a very specific time of our lives, and I feel so grateful to be a part of it.  

O.k. I think that's all for now.  Take care all, and if I don't see you tomorrow, have a great weekend!

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  1. Couldn't think of anyone I would've rather toured Hollywood with than you. I mean seeing where Lindsey Lohan wrecked her car...that momentous of an occasion should only be shared with those closest to you;) Love you.

  2. You were so close :) I went to Beverly Hills before I came home to see Christmas lights with friends. So fun. I am glad you had a great trip and got to enjoy yourselves!

  3. niiice!!! looks like a blast.
    p.s. lovin' Randy's comment. lol! you two are too cute.


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