Daddy's little girl.

10:17 AM

  Someone sure loves their Daddy.

     And if I'm not mistaken, someone sure loves being Daddy to a little girl. 

   There is nothing quite like watching these two together.  He is so silly and sweet with her, it just melts my heart a little. 

He's always been able to get the craziest sounds and giggles out of her.

"Da-da" were her first words.

She gets so excited each day when he comes home from work and walks in the door.

I can tell already she thinks he's basically the coolest guy on the planet.

   So many emotions raising a little girl.  Thinking of her becoming a woman one day, giving her heart away, maybe getting her heart raises something fierce within me. Something that wants to put it all on hold and say, "No!  Not you.  Not my little Joss.  You will always be my baby girl.  My baby girl.  I refuse to let this world taint you.  I refuse to let anyone even come close to hurting you.  I refuse to let you go." 

  And the very next moment it has me so excited to see the woman she will become.  To see what shape her goals and dreams will take, and just where they will lead her.  To experience travel and adventure and new journeys with her.  To take her shopping and to concerts and to church and to the beach and anywhere, really, because wherever we are together will be a party.  Excited for late night talks and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and painting our toenails and laughing til our sides hurt. 

   Too idealistic? My head's in the clouds?  I'm in for a rude awakening right around her 14th birthday? I'm a parent, not a "friend"?  Say what you will, but I can dream.  I can hope, and I don't think we can ever hope/dream/desire too high with our children.  Who makes these rules anyway?  Who says that's the way it has to be?  That all teenage girls will start to think their Dad is dorky and their Mom is annoying?  It's not over yet.  It's only just begun.
   Thank-you Jesus for the blessing, the treasure of a little girl.

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  1. So precious! What a treasure to be a Mom!
    xoxo, Amy

  2. So sweet. I have been a daddy's girl my entire life and it kept me away from heart breaks, because I idolized my father and wanted to only be with you he said I could be with, etc.! What a precious girl you have, Shelley! You are BLESSED beyond measure... :)

  3. :) Libby speaks truth. :)

    Also- Love hearing your heart! It's so beautiful!

  4. Just you wait, Shells. By the time she wants to sit down at eat ice cream while doing her nails, you'll be like, "I'm really sorry, Jocelyn, but Ethel needs me to help her with her homework and Dorien just scraped his knee while trying to eat a bug."

    P.S. Ethel is going to be the only baby name left after your strenuous weeding-out process. :)

    P.P.S. I'm just kidding, because you have more energy than 32 moms, and I have full confidence that you'll be able to spend quality time with ALL of your children. :)

  5. P.P.P.S But I'm not kidding about "Ethel". :D

  6. Thanks everyone, your comments make my day! Shawn, it's true. Not many names survive the weeding out process. :) We'll just have to wait and see what makes the cut next time:)

  7. Shelley, I gave you an award on my blog! If you want to receive it, come on over. :)

  8. Your blog is a ray of sunshine in this stressed-out-mom, my-kids-drive-me-crazy world. I love that you love being a wife and mother, and that passion of yours is so inspiring and encouraging! I leave your blog thinking, "Now THAT is how God intended mothering and wife-ing to be." Humorous, fun-filled, hard-working, but not giving up. Thank you!!

    And I'm with you on the kids growing up. I will *not* fall for the mentality that all my kids will have to go through a stage of hating me and my husband. Not that I believe it'll be all easy, but I so much want to be in relationship with them NOW and continue that as they grow older. I want to prove people wrong. :) Not just for myself, but for God. So, here's cheers to us and our families!


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