The Very First Birthday ever.

11:56 PM

(Well you know, except for the birth-day, when she was born, but we're really not being that technical.)

    Finally.  After a long, grueling saga of memory cards that wouldn't read, and computers that wouldn't recognize flash drives, I was finally able to somehow transport the pictures from my camera to my computer and wah-lah, we're in business! Finally.

  Ug.  This whole experience has rather discouraged me from using my camera, and to be honest, I haven't taken pictures of Joss in a lo-o-ong time.  So I caved and went to JCPenny the other day and got some taken.  Ug again.  I dislike studio pictures.  I don't like their poses, or their props, or their photographers, but hey.  We do what we can.

   It hit me like a ton of bricks when I was setting up for this party..."This is the first party EVER, that I get to throw, as a mom.  What a privilege!  What a responsibility!"  I was just floored for a moment soaking that all in.   Randy, bless his heart, took most of the pictures at the party because I was either dashing around like a madwoman refilling platters or hovering over the birthday girl trying to get her to try her cake.  Speaking of the birthday girl, without further ado, here is Jocelyn Kate's first birthday, from her point of view.

   I know what you're thinking.  Mommy is cheesing, and I look scared.  But try and cut us some slack. Mommy was working like crazy all day on the party, and hardly had time to pee, much less play with me. And so when the guests started to arrive, I was a little grouchy, and she was a little frazzled. 
   Some of the my-size guests included cousins Annika, Elissa, Benson and Carson, and friend Sydney in the middle. It was so fun having them there!

 Cousin Madison was there too, she's my little partner in crime.
And can't forget Liesl! She's just a tiny bit older than me.

    Some of the moms chatting.  I don't know what they were talking about, but probably: "Oh I just love being Mom to a sweet little girl."  "You too?! I was just thinking the same thing!"
    And some of the Dads chatting, probably saying: "Do you think we'll be able to eat soon?" "Mmm, I smell something delicious..."
 Mommy made lots of food, most of which I couldn't eat.  But it smelled nice!  I don't know what they were all called, and so she wrote the menu.  ~Crescent wrapped smokies, Hot ham and cheese sliders with a poppy-seed glaze, a holiday cheese ball with crackers, veggie tray and punch.
    Chocolate dipped strawberries, cupcakes, cookies, candies, and Bonnie's famous peppermint fudge.Thanks, Mommy!
 Uncle Kevin & Aunt Jessi snuggling.
   Uncle Justin and Uncle Shelby looking at a yearbook of my life so far that Mommy made.
   Cupcake toppers that Aunt Stephanie and Mommy slaved over for a long time.  They looked nice, but you couldn't eat them.
 Grandma's peppermint fudge!  I hear this stuff is legendary.
    I like to call this little project the "mural of me."  It's in my room now, and I just love pointing to all the pictures and oohing and ahhing. 

 My cake!
 Hooray! I'm finally one.
  Hmm, not what I was expecting.  It's so sticky and sweet and even though it looks like mashed potatoes, it tastes completely different!
 Do I have to eat it?
    It looks to me like they're playing a game where they all point a finger at someone else, but Mommy said it's called "debating".

    Then it was time for presents.  Everyone was staring at me with such rapt anticipation it was a little intimidating.
    So Mommy helped me open them, as I wasn't too sure of what to do.
 Daddy entertaining the guests.
Aunt Shannon and Grandma helping Mommy with food.

   All in all, it was a wonderful party and I can't wait to do it all over again next year.  I have a feeling my parties in the future may be a little over-the-top because Mommy will always be trying to compensate for the fact that it's so close to Christmas.  I don't mind.  She can compensate all she wants.:)  

Let's see, what are some things I've learned in one whole year of life on this Earth:
  • Cheese is the yummiest.
  • Getting your hair done is SO overrated.
  • Little baby dolls are the best.  I kiss them, I hug them, I hold them tight at night, I kind of want to eat them.
  • My little kitchen from Grandma S. and dishes and fake food from Grandma G. are awesome.
  • The best clothes clothes! 
  • Bathtimes = funtimes.
  • Daddy & Mommy are crazy about me.
  In other exciting news, tomorrow I get to go spend the next three days at Grandma's house!  I am excited but Mommy rocked me a little extra long tonight and tucked me in real tight, like she was sad or something.  I would be sad too if I didn't get to stay at Grandma's, poor Mom and Dad.  They're missing out on so much fun.  Oh well.  They will just have to learn that they don't always get to do the fun things. Sometimes it's my turn!  

   Well, goodnight world.

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  1. Aw this reminds me of viv's first party :) I was running around cooking the whole time too! Ps we just got viv's pics done at penny's too! It's got to be done sometimes :)

  2. What a sweet birthday bonanza! Goodness sakes, I wouldn't even know how to start planning an event of that magnitude. My events usually consist of, "Hey, you guys wanna come over? We can make some food. Or not. Whatever."

  3. you have the most gorgeous mama every, joss.



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