Monday musings.

11:28 PM

  Last night I could hardly sleep because my brain was going at about 80 mph, in spite of the fact that my body was lying perfectly still.  I would honestly rather be working up a sweat than festering in that state.  I can hardly stand it when my body and my will and my emotions all want to GO TO SLEEP, but my brain insists on running a marathon.  It's exhausting.  So sometimes I need to spill some of it out in order to get my brain to relax.  Ug.

   Anyway, I can't even remember half of what was coursing through my mind last night, but I'll share some of the things that are now. 

   Baby names.  Sigh.  If you know me at all, than you probably already know this is a Big Deal to me.  I labor over names, poring over lists, rifling through books, and spending countless hours online eliminating one after the other because they are just too girly or not girly enough, or not masculine enough, or too made-up-sounding, or too trendy or too extreme, or too common, or too plain, or too fancy, or get the picture. 
   I am sensitive to names that trigger memories of people I once knew.  I am sensitive to using the same first letters for our children because I come from a family of 7 and we all start with "Sh".  I am sensitive to 3-syllable names now, because we named our firstborn Jocelyn and I'm afraid I'll just want to shorten it the rest of her life.  I am sensitive to meanings, to  connotations, to nicknames, to the way it looks and the image it conjures.  In fact, I don't know if I know anyone else as paranoid about names as I am. 

  Then there's home decor.  All the things I need to do, want to do, dream of doing...all rattling around in that roomy head of mine.

   Then there's this insatiable craving for sweaters lately, and anything that looks warm enough to make you sweat, because our house is so cold!

And I desperately need want/long/wish for a new pair of glasses:
   And so much more.  I was inspired by this blogger to write out a schedule for my day to help give it some structure, and that is JUST what I need.  So I did.  And I was SHOCKED to find several spare hours that are just floating around, unused.  It's amazing how we will piddle away time when it's not assigned to anything.  So hopefully soon, that's about to change. 
   And I suppose I was reminded by this blogger that sometimes a few pins from Pinterest can sum it up best.  Anyway, must run.  Sleep to be had.  Blog to be posted. Speaking of which, all the pictures and the links that they were from can be found here, on my Pinterest boards.  Feel free to follow!

Nite nite.

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  1. Wow Shelley you do have a lot of stuff to think about. Hopefully you remembered what today is!!:)

  2. you are pretty much the biggest doll in the world. i love your posts and hope you never stop.



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