Growing too fast.

7:49 PM

    It's Wednesday.  What did you do with your middle-of-the-week day?  Mine was a little mundane. Breakfast, shopping in town, housework while Jossi napped, made spaghetti for dinner, finished up this post and next on the agenda is devotions.  I like to start my day out with my quiet time, but it just seems to hardly ever happen that way.

   But today I find myself wondering, do I see the beauty in each day?  Whether it's ground-breaking or mundane, am I cherishing the moments that I have with Jocelyn that are gifts of today and only today, and that are gone tomorrow? I hope I never forget:

  • The way she says "hi" to strangers over and over in the store, much to their delight.
  • The expression on her face when Daddy comes home.
  • The voices she uses when talking to her babies.
  • The way she snuggles and puts her head on my shoulder right after she wakes up. I absolutely cannot get enough of her after she's just woken up.
  • The pure joy she gets out of something as simple as a bath. 
   I got tears in my eyes watching this clip of our little cherub, from so very long ago.  I just want to reach back through time and kiss those chubby little cheeks, and wrap my hands around her skinny little arms. 

   I wonder, was I tired that day?  Did it feel like a weary morning?  Was I hoping that she would hurry up and grow to the point of sleeping in a little longer?  I wonder if I knew what a gift I had in those fleeting moments.  Such treasures, those little memories caught on camera.  They are here one second, and gone the next, like sand in an hourglass.

   Where has the time gone?  And someone tell me how she morphed from a tiny little quiet thing into an active little mover who crawls, says words, giggles, and waves.  And with each passing day she gives us a little more of a glimpse into her very own, unique, individual personality.  And so far, it's so beautiful it takes my breath away.

Time, dear time, won't you please slow down?

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  1. Loved the video! So precious! And just think, you get to have all those fun moments with this next little one.

    Enjoy each stage of life. That is what chapel was on today and I needed to hear it. Times come and go and we are supposed to live each day to the fullest. Writing down these memories is such a great way to be able to come back later and feel those moments all over again. Don't forget to enjoy these now moments and the moments to come as well.


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