Whirlwind weekend.

8:55 PM

Not sure I like Blogger's new layout.

   Honestly I think it's ridiculous when people say that about Facebook because I never even notice that anything has changed until there's 17 people in my news feed complaining about it.  But I noticed the "new blogger" and I'm not sure I'm liking it.  I feel like I don't know how to do anything.  But I'm sure I'll get used to it.

   In other news, I haven't forgotten about the "Working moms: Yay or Nay?" post.  I am formulating my ideas into coherent thoughts, and I will be posting about it, hopefully, tomorrow.  It's just that it has been a Busy weekend, with a capital B.  First there was the tea party I threw for pregnant ladies.  It was lovely and such a wonderful time, and it will be having it's own blog post soon, so I won't elaborate.  Then there was the prepping for said party the day before, and the date with my hubby to the baseball game.  After the tea, there was a semi-relaxing afternoon/evening, and then it was Sunday.  We've had gorgeous weather this weekend, and I've been spending spare moments outside soaking it in like a drowning person sucking in air, instead of cooped up inside at a computer.  Today was church, lunch on the deck, bike ride, Dave Ramsey financial class, and here I am, at home and finally sitting down to a keyboard. 

   Tomorrow will be more busy-ness with running into town and hopefully getting a carseat that Jocelyn desperately needs.  I am tempted to research all the options and figure out what is the best one within my price range, but I am honestly so tired of doing that to every single, stinkin' new-fangled baby product out there, I will probably just buy the first one I see.  So quick, any of you with strong opinions one way or the other, comment and tell me what car seat to buy.  Thank-you.

   I will also be getting a few last things to prepare for a "cooking day" in which a dear, precious friend of mine has agreed to help me with.  Actually it was her idea.  She came up to me one day and said, "Shelley, I'd like to help you since you're pregnant.  How about I come over one day and we cook up a whole mess of dinners and fill your freezer?"  I could have kissed the woman.  I mean seriously, who does that??!  So anyway, after Tuesday, I will have meals in my freezer and feel like a real, domestic wonder for the first time in my life.

   And it's not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.  So hopefully this blog won't get too neglected.  I just didn't want you lovely readers thinking I had forgotten about the "working Moms" post, because I haven't.  I've actually been thinking about it alot.  And thanks for the feedback!  Makes my day.

   Other things I've been busy with?  Oh, not much, just keeping up with a certain little girl that FINALLY STARTED WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah, you have no idea what ground-breaking news this is.  Our timid little Jocelyn-dear finally gathered up her courage and started walking.  She has "taken steps" before today, but today is the first day I feel able to say (without feeling like I'm stretching the truth) that she has "started walking".  And not a day too soon, either!  I can't carry two babies around all day!  O.k. so I probably could, but you get my point. 

We'll see you tomorrow! (hopefully)

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  1. Way to go on getting your freezer stocked..aren't friends great? I'm one week from my due date and supper is being brought over tonight by my SIL...now I just need to remember to pass the favor on to others in my shoes someday!!


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