Lazy day inspirations.

2:35 PM

This has been one of those Saturdays.

   It is drizzly and gray outside, and this gloomy weather has found us sitting around, not getting much accomplished other than watching some soccer, eating some lunch, and nursing the baby.  Wait, that's not true.  My dear husband diligently cleaned our bedroom and bathroom, so three cheers for him.  Me, I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and browsing online in between little Charlotte's feedings.  Yes, I realize how lazy that makes me seem.  I guess I don't care too much as this has been a busy week and some late nights and I feel the need to just....BE for a bit.

   Some lovelies that I'm stumbling upon online....

   I have always wondered why people always say "Girls are just so much fun to dress" because I think boys would be an absolute blast to dress as well!  Congrats to my lovely friend Jewel who is expecting her first little one, and I just know he is gonna be one well-dressed dude!  Can't wait to meet him.

   Then there's Pearl, and her ridiculously adorable little family and pregnancy photo shoots that may quite possibly blow your mind with their awesomeness...

   One of the things I dislike most about breastfeeding is saying goodbye to so many of my beloved dresses. :( But after browsing some other mama's blogs, I realized I don't have to kiss them all goodbye, and especially not if they're milk-friendly, like the always-popular shirt dress!  I have a couple, and I will certainly be working them into my wardrobe whenever possible in this next year!  And possibly investing in a new one.  There's so many options out there....

  Check out this mama's blog (where I saw that coral dress) for some nursing stories/tips/advice, and maternity/nursing fashion too!  Every mama could use a little help every now and then.

*Links to other dresses can be found here, on my Pinterest board.

Well everyone, I hope you're making the most of this rainy, gloomy, dreary-out-there Saturday.

Which means sitting around and cuddling your lovelies. 

Or at least that's what it means for me.:)

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