I'd love to tell you about....

11:13 PM

  • My epic shopping trip at Ikea yesterday with two lovely ladies.
  • The amazing restaurant we weren't able to eat at because of too much time spent at aforementioned store.
  • The very healthy, whole-wheat pasta/garden veggies dinner I made tonight.
  • The way Jocelyn is soooooo, so, SO into her baby sister.
  • The way Charlotte coos and talks.
  • The way Jocelyn is starting to miss me more when I leave her with a sitter.
  • That strange phenomenon when your hair looks more amazing right before going to bed than when you're all dressed up for a night on the town. 
  • My new glasses.
  • A trip to the library and the park today.  (Hello, free toddler entertainment! And why wasn't I doing this all summer?!!)
  • Our new workout routine.
  • Crazy love, stretching my picture of God.
And many more things.

But I can't.

It's far too late, and I'm off to bed.  Another time, perhaps?

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  1. Really, really want to hear about your workout routine. How about a post to inspire post-baby mamas to get back into shape?! i did P90X after my first dau. with my husband and got fabulous results...this time I'm having a hard time getting motivated. =(

  2. ahh...LOVE the park and library!! we go all year round. park in the summer, library in the winter. it's my kids favorite activity. =)

  3. 1. I also have so many posts in my head and am not sure when to put them to computer, especially b/c our laptop is not acting nice right now.
    2. I'm excited to hear your thoughts on Crazy Love!! Maybe I should bust my copy out and refresh my memory on the book.
    3. My hair ALWAYS looks amazing before bed! I do not understand.
    4. Daph would like to see my friends and the tiny baby again. :)

  4. I feel jealous of your shopping trip and a day out with friends. I am craving one of those.

    You should post a pic of you and the new glasses.

  5. Another time indeed, because I'd especially like to see your new glasses, and hear of your Ikea trip! (not that the other topics aren't intriguing as well)
    Until then, Amy


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