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   Today was....educational.  Lesson topic?  "Taking Two Children Under Two to a Wedding and Just Exactly How that is a Really Bad Idea."  Lesson learned.  O.k., glad we got that off of our chest. Moving on....

   Today was also one of those Saturdays in which you have about 2 Tablespoons of time to spread over 40 quarts of options.  (Can you tell I've done applesauce recently?) For example.  There was an all-day event that our church was putting on called "Heritage Day" which we would have loved to spend the whole day at.  Farming, quilting, pie making, tractors, hay maze, chicken dinner, good ol' Southern gospel music and a day in the sun. 

   However, there was also a wedding, starting at 1:00 pm.  Then there was a football game, and of course the usual Saturday to-dos that are always looming...yard work, car that needs washed, etc.  Just so much we could possibly do.  Well, we tried to get the best of both worlds by catching the wedding and then heading to Heritage Day, but I'll spare you the details and just say that we probably spent more time driving than anything else.  Fail.

   But we did catch the end of Heritage Day, and it was a lovely evening.  First of all, the food was amazing, and although Joss missed the hay rides and the bouncy castle (who am I kidding, she probably would have been scared of both) we didn't miss the delightful "wheat pit" which is like a giant sandbox, about 4 feet deep, that's filled with wheat instead of sand.  Brilliant.  There were all sorts of shovels and toys in there, and the kids had a blast. 

   Some enjoyed the wheat pit a little more than others.:) Just look at those bulging overalls!  I would just love a little boy someday.:)

  Joss loves going to other moms and asking to be held.  I'm always afraid it will get annoying to people, but so far, it seems they haven't minded too much. Here Lacey is taking a turn. :)

   It was a brief, but lovely evening and I'm glad we got to go a little bit.  I truly cherish my church family and the blessing they have been in my life.  It is a rare and beautiful thing to be in a group of people that is quite diverse, and yet can experience unity and fellowship to such a deep level.  There is such a spirit of kinship there.  Like everyone actually enjoys coming to church and wants to see how they can give and plug in, rather than what they can take and receive.  So refreshing.  In many ways it has been like "coming home".

   And in other news....

   This mama is late to the party of bathing with a Bumbo, but boy is it handy!  I just never used it with Joss and couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about.  But when you have two little ones, it is just the perfect thing.  And Charlotte only minded it a teeny bit.  But that was probably mostly because sometimes she's pretty terrified of her older sister.  But can you blame her?  Sweet pea puts up with a lot, what with all the pinching and splashing, and shoving the pacifier into her mouth.  But I am quite sure they will be best friends one day.  Some day. 

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