Weekend eye candy.

3:26 PM

   It's Saturday, so that calls for something light and frothy and completely frivolous on the blog.  Because that's what Saturdays are for, right?


   When you're a wife/mom, Saturdays quickly become your "Everything I wasn't able to accomplish in my week has accumulated to a mountainous heap and needs to be done now" day.  It's a "my to-do list is longer than my left leg" day.  It's a "wake up with the sun and gogogo until you crash" day.  Or is it just that way for me?  But the girls are napping and Husband said I could take a break. It's practically mandatory, really.  So what else to do but blog a bit?  That's what I thought.

     So here are some lovelies from the web to start things off.  Because we all know how much we like to browse lovely things and fritter away our time. Or once again, is that only me?

   Stumbled upon the lovely Savannah's pinterest boards,  and will have a lot of pretty things to look at for a while, like the image above.  I love how she groups all of her pins into the 4 seasons.  So simple. 

  Found this recipe for homemade creamer on Pinterest and actually made it.  I have always felt guilty each time I finish a bottle of creamer and throw it away and think, did I actually drink all of that?  And what all is even IN there?!  But now I've made my very own.  So now I know.

  Another Pinterest recipe I found that was a homerun around here.  Pumpkin streusel muffins.  Need I say more?

   How was this sweater from Old Navy?  And how was I so unlucky to discover it only after it sold out?!  If anyone has one lying around that they're tired of looking at, I'd be happy to take it off of your hands.  Glad we got that settled.

  For quite some time now, I have been wanting a pair of these beauties.  I keep talking myself out of it because of the price tag, but then each time the rainy season rolls around and we find ourselves sloshing around through puddles and mud for about 7 months in a row, I think why, oh why don't I have a good pair of Wellies.

   How adorable would this theme be for a "no-reason-at-all" party?  Of course it would be only coffee drinkers allowed, and you could have it during the throes of winter to help break up the dreariness. 

   I'm currently working on a plate collage for my kitchen wall, although it won't be as big as this one. And I haven't quite figured out the best way to mount them yet.  So needless to say I'm not sure when it will be finished.  But plates on a wall?  Love it. 

   Well little Charli is calling for her mama, so this will have to be all for now.  It was a lovely break.  But I am ready for another round of coffee and tackling cleaning our bedroom and the bathrooms.  My Saturday marches on, waiting for no man! Or woman.

Have a lovely weekend.

All pictures/links can be found on my Pinterest boards.

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  1. Well Shells, if it's any consolation at all, I've been trudging through anatomy studying today...blech! Thanks for the little break in that. :)

  2. =) sounds like your saturday was similar to mine. lol. we need some of my fairy dust to magically clean our houses!!

  3. This was so my Saturday afternoon! Took my bebe to the dr. with ear infection in the morning. Spent the afternoon doing laundry and cleaning madly. Thankfully hubby was home early and both girls were angels...love a clean, organized house and empty hampers for Sunday! Thanks for the eye candy...beautiful post! have a lovely day.


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