Chalk one up for Monday.

3:44 PM

   I know, I know, the title is such a groaner, but sometimes I just plum run out of titles.  Hope you can forgive me.

   Nothing much to blog about today, unless you're dying to see pictures of sick kids and laundry piles.  We did get to go over to sis-in-law Jessi's house for a bit, earlier this morning, which helped the morning pass quickly. Here's the girls during a rare moment of peace, in their unintentionally matching shirts. 

 In other news, I was so inspired by Jessi's lovely, DIY decor, that I decided to do a bit of sprucing up during the girls' naptime....which basically meant changing the quotes on my chalkboards.  Ground-breaking, I know.  I am just SO creative.

   Do you ever feel stuck in a rut in your home decor?  Right now I am, like, so totally.  (Excuse the valley girl lingo)   Ever since the Christmas decor came down there have been bare spots here and there throughout my home, and I feel completely void of any inspiration of how to fill them.  I lack the motivation and the energy to invest into ideas and creativity right now.  Frankly, I'd rather just hire someone to do it all for me.

   But let's choose the cheaper route and just get ideas from you lovely people!  Hit me up with your recent favorite decor tips/tricks of the trade, and I will be sure to give you full credit when i copy them.  Ha.

   Oh and that reminds me....any advice/tips/help on helping kids recover from colds is also much appreciated.  Thanks.

Basically all of you are like my personal advisors.  Don't you feel so lucky?

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  1. ohh I'll come decorate your house. I have ideas- but not enough space to do much with. Your house looks adorable!

  2. my problem is always i have TOO much decor! my walls are nearly covered in pictures. lol.

  3. this is more of a kid thing...maybe not all that classy, :) but Jensen and I made hearts today from wax paper with crayon shavings melted in between (with an iron) and hung them in a window. Cheesy maybe but it did brighten up the entrance and Jensen had fun.

  4. Chalk boards are always a great thing... i like the saying you have picked for them

  5. Yup, me too. Christmas is my fave time to decorate, right next to fall. Winter, spring, and summer are harder, in my opinion. I'm just not that creative! One thing I've been doing recently is making pillow covers out of fun fabric. Easy, cheap way to change it up! Also, I've been seeing lots of neat ideas on pinterest (where else) on ways to use photos to decorate your house, and not just in the tradition frames. Just need to find the time to do some of them...


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