Sometimes we have sick times.

12:58 PM

We don't always have sick babies in the house....but sometimes we do.

Charlotte isn't always full of coughs and sneezes and tears, but sometimes she is. 

 Mommy doesn't always lounge in her yoga pants and sweatshirt all day, but sometimes, she does.

   And we certainly don't always watch Curious George to help cheer away the sickies, but sometimes we do. 

   We don't always use self-timer for our pictures, but we remember to practice what we preach, and then sometimes we do.

   Mommy also doesn't always wear aforementioned sweatshirt several days in a row because it's so stinkin' comfy, but sometimes, she does. 

We don't always wash dishes/carrots together, but sometimes we do.

   And mommy certainly doesn't ALWAYS get to end her long, hard day with Zumba, but sometimes, yes sometimes, she does.

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  1. Love it, Shell. I'll admit, I've done terrible with keeping up with blogs, but as usual, I'm loving your update. Plus, you're so seriously adorable. And a good mommy. Love you tons.


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