Playdate, and 8 months update.

3:56 PM


    Jocelyn went over to her friend Liesl's house for a playdate this morning.  Her other friends Madison, Jada, Trillium and Grayson were also there, but unfortunately Mommy forgot to get her camera out until right before she walked out the door, and Grayson and Trilli had already left!  So they aren't in any pictures.:(

   It is so fun to have fellow friends in the trenches of mommyhood that you can compare notes with.  It is even more fun when our littles get along and don't tear each other's hair out, which they actually didn't do much of today.  Hooray! 

   (L to R) Madison, Jada, Charlotte, Jocelyn, Liesl.

    It is the strangest thing, but a LOT of our friends have all had two girls.  Even Liesl sitting there with no little sister to snuggle will have one to call her own in a very short while!  Emily is expecting her 2nd daughter, and will soon join the ranks of those of us that are mommies to two little girlies.  There is going to be a lot of pink in our lives for quite some time, I imagine.  And all these poor husbands for that matter, who in the future will have the joy of dealing with 3 women in their house, and all the emotions, feelings, drama and estrogen that accompany that.  But I'm sure they'll love every minute of it. :)

And that brings me to this little cherub......

    I have just had the WORST luck with pictures lately.  I am either too busy to even THINK about taking pictures, or they're always napping or eating or dirty when I do think about it, or a hundred other excuses.  Regardless of excuses, it is pitiful how much I have been slacking on taking pictures. 

   In my defense I TRIED to take them to the studio to get some done, and that turned into one of those horrible-no good-awful days, and I won't go into detail but we'll just say that it didn't work out.  On second thought, I WILL go into detail.  Good-for-nothing JC Penney's studio was CLOSED all day Tuesday, and they neglect to mention that in their hours when you call in!!!  In their defense, I should have made an appointment.  In my defense, I was a tired frazzled mom who barely has time to brush my teeth some mornings, much less always remember to make a silly appointment!  Still, it would probably have been a good idea BEFORE getting the girls all ready and driving the 40 minutes there only to find out they were closed.....obviously, I am still not over it.

   Maybe I should take some advice from Charli's shirt here.  It got cut off, but it says, "Keep calm and shine on."  I assure you, I wasn't doing much "shining" that day.

    Charlotte these days is getting more and more expressive.  She can really let you know pretty precisely how she is feeling at the moment.  When she's pleased with you, you are the Queen of England.  When's she's not, well....then SHE'S the Queen of England.  And you are a lowly serf.  Or some sort of scoundrel in general.

    Her relationship with Jocelyn continues to....improve?  I think.  She adores her, and just beams whenever Jocelyn enters the room.  Although her adoring gazes quickly turn to shrieks of disapproval at times, as we are still working on "gentle love".  For the most part though, they are loving each other and Jocelyn is starting to be so concerned first thing in the morning about where 'sissie' is and what she's doing.  Which is pretty sweet.

   She is wearing more and more of Jocelyn's hand-me-downs, and I have such mixed feelings about it all.  It's kind of fun for sisters to be 'sharing' clothes, and some things they can actually literally SHARE which seems crazy.   But what pains me, is I feel like I JUST used them on Jocelyn.  It really wasn't long ago at all, and it sort of makes me feel as if time is just whizzing by in a blur.  But then, I guess it is, so.....

    I really can't think of much else to update you all on.  Of course I will think of it later, when I'm not able to write it down, as those things usually tend to go.  But Charlotte is grumpy from her nap that was a little short, and I'm now hearing Big Sister waking up, probably as a result from Charlotte's vocal grumpiness.  So I must run.
Keep calm and shine on.  

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