Daily Heiroglyphs.

2:29 PM

(Title credit goes to my brilliant brother, Shawn Graber

Another one of those random, catch-up with Instagram posts. 

    I have so many things bouncing around in my head that I want to write about, but that is almost counter-productive at times, as it seems to be too much to process so I end up processing and writing about very little.

   My family is in Florida right now.  So of course each time I eat a citrus fruit (that takes like plastic compared to the ones found in the Sunshine state), I just take a moment and silently mourn the fact that I am not there too.

   I'm not sure if there is anything cuter than homemade pajamas.  These were made by their Aunt Jessi for Christmas, and it was one of those gifts that was so precious I didn't even want to use them, but that would be rather pointless, then wouldn't it?  

   Ever have a style that you've been wanting to try for a long time, but just sort of keep forgetting about it and never do?  Well, the ankle-socks-with-boots was one of those for me.  And now of course I'm wondering where it has been all my life.  Extra warmth? Check.  Comfy squishiness of socks instead of bare feet or the thinness of tights? Check.  Splash of color where needed? Check. And now I've talked more about ankle socks than some of you would ever care to hear about, so I will move on. 

   Another thing I've been wondering where it's been all my life, is Zumba.  It is just so great.

   This girl loves all things feminine.  Dresses, purses, babies, and MARY.  Ever since the Christmas pageant she is all about Mary.  Wants me to sing Mary songs, pray about Mary, read stories about Mary....I get a little concerned sometimes that she is altogether MUCH more interested in Mary than Jesus, but I suppose that will eventually get ironed out.
   Husband cooks sometimes.  Which all of you women know is basically the most sexy thing there is.  When he does cook, it is always amazing.  Seriously I don't know if he's every made anything bad.  And this curry did not disappoint.  

   Speaking of that handsome guy.....here we are on a lazy Saturday.  Sometimes we have hectic weekends and then sometimes we have weekends where we just spend time together, as a family, doing things and not doing much at the very same time.  Those are my favorite. 

  These two truly love each other, they really, really do.  I am absolutely loving seeing that start to grow and develop between them, and I will keep trying to nurture that, instead of always whisking poor Charlotte out of her eager sister's reach.  *Note to parents*  Let your kids love on each other!  Sure they might tumble and wrestle and screech sometimes, but that's they way they learn and grow.  I think it's all part of the process. 

 And although brief, I suppose that will have to do, because I hear Charli calling for me. 

Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. i love what a lovly family you have. and your youngest...is that truly Red hair? she is so precious!


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