A day outdoors.

2:45 PM

    I feel as if a very common, re-occurring theme of our winter pictures is going to be this orange coat of Jocelyn's.  I am sorry for the repetition, and you probably think you're seeing the same pictures over and over again because of it, but it is her only coat right now, so we're pretty much stuck with it.  Thankfully, I love the color orange, but it is quite unfortunate that it is a Beaver color, and we are avid Duck fans around here. But the best part about this coat that she wears  allthetime? This coat was originally $65 at Gymboree (who would pay that for a kid's coat?!) and I got it on sale for $12.99.  Boom.  Beaver color or not, so, totally worth it.  

   We had a BEAUTIFUL day yesterday, and it occurred to me that I tend to complain quite a bit about the not-so-nice parts of life out here on the West coast in the spring.  So I will now take this opportunity to expound on some of the things I DO like: 

1.  Foggy mornings.  There is something so.....straight out of a Jane Austen novel about them.  And it only adds to the experience when there are hundreds of birds flying in and out of the trees, making the loveliest kind of noise.

2. Daffodils.  They are so bright and cheery (not to mention fully arrayed in Duck colors) and can almost wipe away any lasting resentment of winter weather with their sunny little smiles.  They are just beginning to bloom around here, and I'm sure will soon be in their full glory.

3.  Flowery things in general I guess.  We are privileged to have some flowering bushes around our home that give off the prettiest, most striking blooms that I like to place throughout the house in little jars and vases.  It is just the best way to bring a little spring indoors. 

4.  The green, green GREEN grass.  I almost forget how unique this is until I go somewhere else in the winter and it's like, "Where did all the color go?!"

5.  And of course, beautiful days like yesterday where we can spend some time outside together.  It might be followed by a day of rain, but they are merciful little glimpses that better days lie ahead.  We didn't venture farther than the yard because Charlotte was sleeping, but I would've liked to go on a long walk or better yet, bike ride with them.  Although we need to get a tire pump first, because all the bike tires have gotten a little sad over the winter. And at times, they're not the only ones.

Spring is coming though, it IS coming.  And for that, I am thankful. 

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  1. Awe, I liked this post. I despise Mondays http://forgivenbygracee.blogspot.com/search/label/Mundane%20Monday and so I always try to write about what I'm thankful for on Mondays. This post made me smile. I can't wait until things start blooming around here!!!


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