Another day out.

6:54 PM

   We took our own advice today and did just that....went outside.  And what a glorious day it was!!!  I should be getting some major points for how positive I've been about Oregon's weather lately.....just sayin'.  

    The girls have been fighting colds off and on since approximately November 18th......just kidding.  But it has felt like a REALLY long time that they have had reoccurring colds this winter.  I've heard from several other families the same thing, so maybe there's some abnormal amount of germs being passed around?  People sneezing into their hands instead of their sleeves?  People not saying the ABCs while they wash their hands to make sure it's long enough??  It's a mystery.   But whatever the reason, we have been battling the sickies an awful lot, and so sometimes "going out" for the day literally means going outside.  Nothing more.  But on days like today, that's still pretty amazing.

   What genius mom put white shoes on her kid to go play outside??

  How ridiculously beautiful is this place that we live??!

  Charlotte slept in the Ergo, and was a doll about the whole thing.  I heard somewhere that being out in the fresh air can help a that a myth?  Hopefully not because I put it to the test today, poor dear.

And when you have an active toddler to keep an eye on and very little places to set a camera down without it getting thrown into the creek, "getting in the picture with your kids" doesn't get much better than this.  Sigh.

That's all for now, I'm off to Zumba!!!

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  1. Your comment made me laugh because I do the EXACT same thing to you!! Mostly I don't want to comment too much lest I look like a stalker...but I could comment on pretty much every post you write. :) Like, for instance, I have an orange coat very similar to Jocelyn's so she and I will definitely need to coordinate our coat-wearing come football season. (haha) Hope we get to see you soon! Maybe let's just be neighbors. :)

  2. aww..I love charlotte's little sleeping poochy lip in the second to last picture...too cute!


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