Things aren't always as they seem.

4:28 PM

The furnace wasn't working for some reason and so we woke up to a house that was 60 degrees.

Both girls have faucets for noses right now, and a cough to match.

   The coffee maker won't work.  The popcorn popper broke.  And if I were living an animated life, today I would be Pooh, in the episode when he is a little black raincloud, trying to trick the bees.  Except I'm not trying to trick any bees, I'm just grumpy.

   Insecurity is a funny thing.  It can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere, yet for some reason we tend to think that certain kinds of people are immune to it. Like confidant people. *spoiler alert* WE'RE NOT.   I call it, the Curse of Confidence.  Because if you are 'blessed' with confidence, people tend to assume that you don't need anything.   You seem to 'have it all together' so why on earth would you ever need......

A pat on the back.
Shout outs.
Kind words.

    The irony of it all?  While everyone else is thinking, "Wow, I wish I could have her confidence", she might be feeling anything but that.  But perhaps she has gotten really good at putting up a facade of confidence, and so no one's the wiser.  Meanwhile, she faces her own battles alone, and wishes someone, anyone, could understand.

Just don't judge a person by their cover.

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  1. I should've come over and visited you today! I don't know why I didn't. :( I hope everything turned out OK and that little J is feeling fine.

  2. Well said.


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