Poor baby.

9:15 PM

  Someone went to the Doctor today. Turns out, she has an ear infection. Boo.

    Poor skinny little thing needs a cheeseburger.  All things considered, she was an angel.  Didn't fuss, didn't cry, not once.  Not when being undressed to be weighed, not when the strange Doctor entered the room, and not even when he peered in her sore, infected ears, nothing.  I was so proud.  Mostly, I'm so glad to finally have a little antibiotics to clear up this poor mess.

   Randy was our hero, taking off work and entertaining Joce while Charlotte had her check-up.  Then he dropped me off at Target while he changed the oil and filled the prescription. Bonus points!!!  Turns out, the line at the pharmacy was legendary, and I can only imagine how awful it would have been standing there with two little ones, and one sickish one at that, by myself, close to lunch time.  Thank-you dear, you saved us today.   

 Dear Charlotte,
      You are my first child to ever have an ear infection.  That is not an award I wanted to give you any time soon.  Or ever, for that matter, but it's yours.  And I must say, you are just the bravest little thing.  Mommy could hardly even tell you were sick some days because you would still be so fiesty.  So ready to flash those blue eyes at me with a cheeky little grin.  

   Oh, but then there were times Mama just knew.  Knew you HAD to be dealing with more than just a cold.  Times like when at night you would wake up and grab at your ears and cry and cry.  Or shake your head and arch your back in pain.  I just knew it.  But you only had a fever one night, a week ago.  And ear infection comes with a fever, right?  And so for the longest time, I was sure it was just a cold.  And you were such a tough little fighter, I became more and more convinced that maybe that's all it was.  

   While you were sick, you actually still had some happy days.  The nights, not so much.  But you would smile and play and idolize your sister, and do all the darling things that you normally do.  But there was always that shadow of pain behind your eyes.  Your face took on the look of someone trying to pretend that everything's alright, even when it's not.  I recognized that look, but of course you are far too young to know that trick yet.  And that's when I began to know it had to be something more. 

   Of course, I feel it took me decades too long to figure it all out.  I'm sure other wiser, veteran mommies would have had you on antibiotics light-years ago.  But I just did not see the signs.  You would have a not-so-good-day, and then a great day.   And I would think, yes, we're beating this crummy cold!  And just that fast, you would cycle back into a yucky day.  I'm just glad that now, hopefully, we'll soon put all of this behind us.

   Ironic that you would get an ear infection first.  You're just so strong that it took me by surprise I guess.  I suppose it just goes to show that even the strong ones can get knocked down some times.  But that's the beautiful part....I know you'll get right back up again.  Nothing can keep you down for long because you have such determination...such a fiery little will.  I love it.  I like to see that.  I suppose I could be tempted to compare it to your laid-back sister in a not-so-nice way, but I just don't.  You two are very different, and that is OK.

 And just so you know, she is crazy about you.  While you were being examined by the doctor, she was very curious and protective and wanted to know what was going on. 

    I never get tired of noticing your little differences.  You are two, unique creations, fully related and connected and sharing a blood bond, but completely and wholly individual.  And I cherish that.  I adore the way your sister is cautious and timid, and almost tip-toes into life.  But I also adore the way you plunge towards life with reckless abandon.  When I hold you above the crib to say goodnight to your sister down below, you always try to lunge with all of your might out of my arms to join her.  And even at a mere 9 months, you are nearly strong enough to accomplish that.   I can barely refrain you, and so sometimes I don't, and let you roll around with your sis for a while until things get altogether too squishy and smothery and you call for me to pick you up again.  

   I can't wait to see the different ways that God will use you two.  Jocelyn with her "think-first, act-later" ways, and you with all of your wild.   Her with the reasoning, and sensibility, you with the feeling, and spirit-fire.  I just can't wait to sit back and watch it all.  

I have a feeling it will be quite a show.

With all my heart,

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  1. Oh dear. Poor baby with the ear infection...hope se feels better.:)

  2. It's hard to know when to take them in. Even for me after having 4. You did good to wait. My doctor has even at sometimes after she knew one of mine had an ear infection would give me and antibiotic and then tell me not to give it to them and wait a few days because they can sometimes kick it without antibiotics. Lovely post!


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