V-day party.

3:45 PM

    Yesterday we held a Valentine's party for the youth/Y.A.N.K girls from church at our humble abode.  It was such a lovely time.  We were so glad for each one that made it, and missed those that weren't able to!

    I can't even count the times I thought of Elaine (my youth pastor's wife) while planning this event.  When I was in youth group, she would throw these wonderful ladies-only parties at her home, where we all dressed up and gorged on Italian food and talked/laughed our hearts out.   They were just the most delightful evenings.  Somehow, despite her crammed-full schedule and raising four kids, she always found a way to invest in our lives and connect to our hearts with wherever we happened to be at in our lives.  I treasure the effort she put forth to do that, and I will always be grateful for her sacrifice. 

    No party is complete without a little Pinterest, so before eating they all decorated their own white mugs with Sharpies.  It was so fun seeing what each individual came up with.  I wish I had taken pictures of them all, but unfortunately I didn't.

 Then we filled those freshly decorated mugs with (what else?) pink hot chocolate and heart-shaped marshmallows. 
   Cindy led a short devotional and then we enjoyed a few games, but mostly the time was spent getting to know one another and enjoying lots of good food.  A very flowery, sugary, girly time was had by all, and I think it was a success.:) 

We cherish each and every one of you beautiful ladies!  


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  1. shelley, i wish you would do a house tour on your blog because everything looks so adorable!! xo

  2. Ooh, wish I could've come! I'm sure it was fabulous. :) <3 you!

  3. so fun! Wish i could've been there :)

  4. what a fun idea this was, it should be done more then once a year though, if you ever need any help, I would love to open my home and help in anyway, I love parties! You all are doing so well with the Youth God Bless youall and all you do! good job! <3


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