Kickin' back.

9:27 PM


   It's the weekend folks, and we could all use a little de-compressing.  Randy is taking in some March madness and I am catching up on some things online.  It is a rare Friday night that we have no place to be, and I am rather enjoying it.  Especially now that the girls are in bed. 

   Today was one of those days.  It seemed that Jocelyn woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and we never quite got that ironed out.  Oh well.  We're all granted bad days.  I know I want grace when I have them, so I need to extend that to others as well.  Although I'm sure you've heard the expression, "Made me want to curse a blue streak"?  Well, that phrase took on a literal sort of meaning when I came upon this....

   NOT happy.  We are in the process of applying Oxy-clean and I have hopes that they will soon be as good as new.  But I was not exactly thrilled when seeing this, to say the least.

   I love my little girls, don't get me wrong.  But then there are times when they can test me. Like when Big Sis decides to give Little Sis a snack....

   Corn chips, anyone?  

    I am not a morning person.  Never was, and never will be outside of exerting extreme effort to become one.  But it is hard to be angry at a morning wake-up call that looks like this....

   I mean really?  If we could all just have a percentage of that sort of Pollyanna positive perkiness, the world would be a much more cheerful place. What can I do to have a little bit of that rub off on me? 

   I will say though, those late nights and early mornings are a little more enjoyable when you've spruced up your bedroom with a few DIY projects.  That lamp next to the bed?  I used a Sharpie on the lampshade and wrote out the lyrics of the song I sang to Randy at our wedding, and I just. Love. It.  Because of that little project, I have had the song running through my mind randomly throughout the day.  And it's a helpful little reminder of the wonder of that day.  Sometimes it's the little things, ya know?  And when you've got crayon marks and piles of Fritos and fussy, teething, little ones, you need that little reminder every now and then to keep that spark goin'. 

   O.k., this is one for the archives of most-boring-posts ever, but I have a dessert to make for an auction, and a beach house to rent for a few friends, and Pinterest to peruse. 

Have a good weekend, ya'll.

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  1. Your lamp shade is adorable {and meaningful too!}. The whole bed looks cozy and pretty . . . and yes, a lovely place to rest when the littles are down and the house is finally quiet for the night. Oh the blue streak and the chips. I get that kind of stuff. :) Thanks for sharing a bit of your life.

  2. oh my. your little girls are getting so big. It just amazes me how opposite their hair and eyes are. :) I'm pregnant with our second and when I read blogs like yours I wish for a little sister for Alayna. And discover another little person all over again! Enjoy your weekend!!


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