Pajama party.

2:35 PM

   Recently, my niece Madison (on Randy's side) turned 3, and Jessi threw a delightful party for her to celebrate.  It was a "Pajama Birthday Breakfast" and I think it scored big with both the little ladies and the mamas.

   Jessica has a eye for detail, and it showed.  From the individual little syrup cups, to the strips of tulle tied around the mini mason jars, everything was pint-sized and utterly adorable.

    They all huddled around Grandma Bonnie for a story and it was such a Norman Rockwell moment. 

   Here's the birthday girl in all her glory.... unfortunately during the presents I didn't get my camera out, and most of the other time was spent chasing around my two little ones, so this is the best one of her I got!  Sad.

   The girls put together "snack necklaces" for a little activity and it was also part of their take-home favors.  Such a perfectly brilliant idea that I will most likely be copying whenever we travel!

   Happy birthday Madison!  You are lovely little lady with lots of potential.  Hope the next 3 years hold just as much sparkle for you.    

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