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   There's much talk these days of "momiforms".  I kind of love and hate that phrase.  I think I love it because, well, it's true.  There is a go-to uniform of sorts that every mom has and finds herself wearing over and over again until it drives her and everyone else crazy.  Sure, we would all like to take an hour or so to try on different options and accessories, mixing patterns and prints and colors until we find something fun and new and fresh and.....I just got exhausted writing that, much less doing it.  It's just not practical anymore.  When I was 18?  Sure.  Now that I'm 27 and mother of 2-under-2?  Not happenin'. 

   So what do we resort to?  The momiform.  And I think I hate that phrase because it dredges up visions of khaki pants and polo shirts, like a Target employee or something.  But on the doesn't have to be awul, it just needs to be easy, practical, and comfortable, and ready to tackle whatever the day may bring.  Elbows-up-to-suds at bath time, snotty noses, spit-up peaches, laundry detergent splatters, stray get the picture.  We're not talkin' silk and satin here, ladies.

   In the winter, it is drizzly and rainy and gray around here, and although some days are surprisingly sunny and warm, it's is usually quite cloudy and chilly.  So my first and foremost concerns, are to be dry and warm.  That's why I find myself, time and time again, turning to this outfit.  I guess you could say this, is my momiform.

   Horrible quality pic, I know, but work with me here.  A neutral, cozy sweater dress, skinny jeans, and rain boots.  I feel invincible in this outfit.  I can jump, run, squat, dance and bend in it, and you better believe a baby and a toddler will require you to do all of those things, multiple times a day.  It is not restricting or revealing, and I am as comfortable as if I were in my p.j.'s. The neutral colors allows me to experiment with accessories like hats, head bands and scarves, and really change the whole look of the outfit, when really, we all know I'm just wearing the same thing every few days. :p  It's every mom's dream, really. 
   For someone who is cold-blooded and lives in a large, drafty farm house, warmth is a PRIORITY.  I feel like I struck gold when I found this sweater dress because somehow, it is mysteriously always the right temperature.  I don't need to add a jacket or coat on most days to go out, and when I come back in, I'm not sweating.  Magic.  On extra-chilly days I just throw on a scarf and it's perfect.


   Alrighty then, now that all of you think I need to desperately go on a shopping trip and get some variety in my wardrobe, I will bid you adieu.:)  What is your momiform?  I'd love to see it.  Post a pic and link up here and we'll all commiserate together on how we wear the same things every day!  It's a party!  And if you need some inspiration, here are some other momiform looks I love.

   Here's to making over moms in their p.j.s, one pair of sweat pants at a time. :)  Over and out. 

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