Easter, only a week late.

5:18 PM

   Yes, I know Easter was quite some time ago.  In my defense, I would have posted about it a long time ago, if Blogger had cooperated in letting me upload pictures.  But it wasn't, so....here we are.  Posting about Easter on April 6th. 

   Easter this year was....a little humbling.  I never really realized before this year how much the whole "dressing up for Easter thing" means to me.  I mean, growing up we always tried to dress nice for church, but I can't remember there being much of an emphasis on Easter.  Hmm, somehow that didn't carry over into my house. :) Me?....I search high and low, spending too much time and energy trying to find the right dresses that match, or at least coordinate.  Then I accessorize them, make sure everything is cleaned and ironed and we all seem a least somewhat presentable on Easter morning.   They weren't head to toe in new things, but it's not really about the price you spend anyway.  For me, that's actually a factor that makes the whole process take longer because I'm looking for something on sale or a good deal. After all, my dress was over 10 years old, so we're not winning any high-fashion points there.  But over all, I was pleased with how everything turned out. WELL......

   We got to church for the sunrise service, and it was a lovely time of music, drama, Scripture reading and a breathtaking, life-sized cross beautifully adorned in freshly cut flowers.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture.  I was too busy with what came next......

 When the service had ended, there was a breakfast served before the Sunday school hour and normal service would begin.  We filled our plates and headed back to our table to dig in.  That's when it happened.  That thing that every mother dreads but has zero control over/ power of preventing.  Jocelyn puked.  Not just, little-baby-spit-up, but like, VOMITED all over.  It was all down her pretty Easter dress, soaking through her gold polka-dot Easter leggings, and pooling on the floor.  I was down on my knees, not doing much of anything to help as I tried to figure out where to start and muttered something like, "Oh Jocelyn.....Oh, oh, oh Jocelyn." 

   (Jocelyn, Madison and Jada love the swings.  Charlotte, not so much.) 


   It is moments like these when the "servant spirit" of our church family always comes to light.  It wasn't long before people were hovering around, handing me paper towels and sweeping mops over it all and bagging up soiled baby blankets.  I was humbled, touched, and so very encouraged.  It is such an example of how we are supposed to be for one another, and I have so much to learn from them all. I count myself so blessed to be a part of  church that not only helps one another when we're knocked down, but truly, really, cares.  I got texts and messages that day and the next wondering if we were ok, and giving their condolences.  It felt so good to know that people care.

   The ending of the story is that I went straight home and missed the rest of church, but since Jocelyn really wasn't acting sick and didn't have a fever, we went on to Randy's parents house for the afternoon to celebrate.  I even washed her dress so she could have a chance to wear it again, but our carefully picked Easter outfits aren't what it's all about.   I can get so sidetracked and shallow-focused and materialistic that sometimes it really bothers me.  And then just when I think I might have it all together, something comes along and just flat OUT HUMBLES me.  And I get to realign my priorities a little.

  But I've actually had quite a few chances to humble myself this week, what with me catching whatever little bug that was that Jocelyn had, and feeling drug down by it for days....the girls getting shots and being miserable for a day, and then of course feeling cooped up and driven crazy by cabin fever from all the rainy days and sick nasties.

     Humbling doesn't even cover how all this week has made me feel.  Desperately weak, fragile, dependent, needy, small, lowly, human, flawed, and about a 100 other things that haven't been that delightful. But in my darkest hour when I cried out to some fellow mamas for a bit of advice, I heard a common theme....spend time in the Word and prayer.  Ironic that over the Easter season of all times I would lose sight of that.....but isn't that just how it is?  On Christmas we are lucky if we don't get sidetracked by all the materialistic frenzy, and now Easter is getting imposed upon on with eggs and bunnies and choosing the perfect dresses. 

   And so, I will not soon forget this Easter.  Hopefully, neither will I forget the lessons I learned.  The things that so easily beset us, and the things that truly matter.  I like to think that I'm learning.  I'd better be, or I'm just going to keep having some pretty painful, humbling lessons comin' down the pike. But through it all, I hope that it reminds me to reach beyond myself, beyond my own strength, and turn to the Only One Who has everything I need. 

Because obviously, this mama doesn't have it all figured out on her own. 

   Here's to a most relaxing, renewing Sunday to you all. 

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  1. There has been too much vomit in your family of late!! And I don't say that to just anyone; it's a special sentiment reserved just for you guys. :) But you all do look fabulous in your Easter best!


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