Heavenly sunshine.

6:15 PM

*Sung to the tune of Blessed Assurance* 

"Heavenly sunshine, joyous am I!  Oh what a foretaste of the 4th of July!  Oh the salvation, of sunshine above! 'From-winter' mercy, the seasons I love.  This is my happy place, this is my song!  Praising my Saviour, all the day long!  Yes this is my happy place, this is my song.  Thankful for sunshine, all the day long."

(Yes, that is the hat making yet another appearance.  I may or may not over-wear it.) 

 I have a resolution that I hold to pretty firmly since moving out here to the Northwest.  And that resolution is, I do not complain about the weather being too hot, for the duration of the entire spring/summer.  I think I actually accomplished it last year (correct me if I'm wrong, people) and am planning to again this year.  I'm sure most of you are thinking, "Well we shouldn't ever complain about the weather because that is complaining to God and so why don't you just go ahead and do that for all other 3 seasons?"  And to that my only reply is....I am a work in progress.  Baby steps people, baby steps. 

    So I will just take this moment to delcare that I am SO GRATEFUL TO JESUS for this weather we have been having lately!!  Charlotte is thankful too, even though it looks like she's not enjoying herself at all in the picture above.  She had just woken up from a nap and was wondering where she was, and why everything was so stinkin' bright.

  Every winter it is the same old story. I know I am a summer child, I know that I am made for the sun, but in my focus and determination to hunker down and survive the winter doldrums, I forget. I FORGET how alive the sun causes me to become. I forget how much I thrive on the feeling of it warming my skin, the tickle of sweat, the flushing of your cheeks in the sun..... If people are designed for geographical places, then I was surely designed for the south. But I have made my home here, and I guess one plus to that is that it will forever keep me grateful and APPRECIATIVE of warm weather. I don't think I'll take it for granted another day in my life. Because boy howdy by the time it finally rolls around, I am good and ready to do a song and a dance about it.

  So Mr. Sun, we're all pretty jazzed about you around here, and I sure hope you're planning on sticking around for a while. 

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