Blogging is fun...some of the time.

1:43 PM

   Blogging is fun for me.  Until I run into technical difficulties.  That is when I go running for cover, hands over my ears shouting, "Go away bad dream, boo!" 

   I am not a tech-savvy girl.  Never have been, don't know if I ever will be.  What I DO know I have acquired as a sort of necessary means to blog, because that is what I enjoy.  The in-between part though, like connecting cameras to computers and downloading pictures and editing them and uploading them to the blog, are all just sort of necessary evils to make the blogging take place.


   When one's highly prized camera decides to fall off a stroller and hit the ground and cause the display not to work anymore, and on a completely unrelated note had recently stopped connecting to the computer to download pictures in the first place, I am lost.  I have alllll these blog posts floating around and they all require pictures from my camera.  Which is apparently taking a holiday.   I am not amused.

   So until then....I don't know what.  I'm not sure if I'll blog, or if I'll just be pouting in silence over here until I can get my camera up and running again.  We will just have to wait and see.  But to fill the silence for today, I will link to a few things on the inter-wide-web that have been inspiring me lately.

Losing a friend.
The beauty of photos from far away.
Identity crisis.
Maybe the best karaoke that you will ever listen to.
My life's motto.
Sweet little lamb rocker.

  O.k. that's all for now.  I've got laundry to fold.

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