Another instagram mash-up.

3:19 PM

    Well the post I had planned isn't going to be working out because my camera decided not to load any pictures onto the I guess that means another Insta-roundup for this lazy, hazy Friday. 

   These girls anticipate Randy's arrival home from work like it's the Second Coming.  You simply cannot contain/delay/dilute their excitement one iota, and as soon as he's two feet in the door they are brawling and competing for his attention like a couple of love-sick schoolgirls.  It's rather entertaining, actually.   And totally heart-warming.

   Garage sale loot, all for $4 and at one sale just down the road!!  God was smiling down on this poor mother-of-littles that doesn't get to garage sale 1/10th of what she wishes she could.  

    Sometimes I'm brave and daring and courageous and do something totally unlike myself and go for a run.  If and when that happens, these two are my little jogging companions.

  Isaiah 40 and 41 have been doing some serious drop-kicking to my anxieties/struggles lately.  That, and good heart-to-hearts with my man.  God is faithful, God is good.  I will survive.

  A little while back, both Randy and Jocelyn had a 24-hour bug of some sorts, with vomiting and diarrhea and other such unpleasantries.   So Charlotte and I loaded up a cart with crackers and soda and saved the day.


  And then there was that one time that I was driving around and found out through Instagram (beauty of social media right here folks) that 7-11 was giving out free Slurpee's because it was 7-11-13, and so I swung over and promptly got three.  This little one was fairly pleased.

  That's all the Instas for now.  In closing, I've just got one question left for ya......Brunette?  Blonde?  Somewhere in between? Bald, maybe?  What say you?

  Randy and I are taking the girls tonight to the annual feeding frenzy in Junction City, also known as the Scandinavian Festival.  I guess it's celebrating Scandinavian roots? Heritage?  Do we even know?  Regardless of it's cause or origins, it's always the best food, nice hot summer weather, bumping into friends, and it's FREE ADMISSION.  Constitutes a good time in my book.

  Still doesn't mean I don't miss the Fall Festival in K-town, Iowa. (And those unbeatable funnel cakes!!)

Happy Friday, everyone.


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  1. I'm sure bald would be the best option. :) No really, I don't know! I like the in-between one. Or the dark one. Or the blonde. haha!

    I feel like I got to see you so much recently that I got a little spoiled, and now it feels like it's been forever and I miss you!!

    1. Agreed, agreed! I was thinking the other day that it seems like it's been a long time. Ha. Proves that you need to move down! Or that I need an trip up there, either one works. We were at the Scandinavian Festival last night and I thought "David and Melissa (and especially Daph) would love this." It's in Junction City so quite a ways from your hometown. Have you ever been to it?

      P.S. If you don't reply to this I won't be offended as I never even know if people see replies to comments on my blog? Still haven't figured out that "email reply" thing!

    2. Shelley, as my experience if you hit reply and they have a blogger profile linked to their email, it will go to their email. If not, they will not see it. Also, if they want to see a reply on your site, they will have to come back and look for it. :)

  2. I think your hair looks beautiful either way, but I would probably say I like the in between best.:)

  3. You are so pretty (I found you through Brooke's blog) and I love the in between.

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