A self-portrait of sorts.

2:26 PM

The Blogtember prompt for today is simply.....a self-portrait.  So, here I am, just the way I am today.

   I know, it's a slightly blurry one from my phone.  But my dslr display isn't working right now. *tears* I sort of wanted to get all dolled up for this "selfie" (is there a more annoying word in existence??)  but that really wouldn't be very honest.  And I'm all about bloggers being transparent and honest and REAL, and all that jazz.  And so the truth is...most days I have no makeup on, messy hair, and clothes that I just grabbed in the dark. And if that's the way I am, why not just be that way for the pic?
   It has been a long-time goal of mine to dress up more, even on the days I'm "just at home".  Because let's be honest, those are most of our days!  But the truth is, a lot of the time I just don't feel like I even have the emotional energy to put in contacts, much less mascara or lipstick or a fancy pair of shoes.

   And speaking of fancy shoes, am I the only one completely incredulous at these mama bloggers that cart toddlers around the city in 4" heels?!  How is that even possible? I mean, I'm not even an anti-heels girl, I genuinely LIKE wearing heels.  But even I could not coax my poor, abused feet with any stretch of my imagination into running after kids all day and up and down concrete sidewalks in heels.  So it always leaves me wondering......do they have super human feet, invincible to blisters?  Do they actually feel comfortable, even after traipsing all over the city pushing a 300 lb stroller and carrying a 60 lb diaper bag?  Do they just slip them on for the picture and then shove them back into their 60 lb diaper bag?  I am just so confused.

   Anyways, in the spirit of a "self-portrait" I will tell a bit about me.  I mean, I'm sure most of you are groaning inwardly because you think I talk about myself too much on here already, but there may be someone just stopping by that doesn't know me at all so...here are 10 things about me.  Enjoy.

1.  I did not have a sweet tooth for most of my life.  Then I got pregnant with my first child and the little Keebler elves set up shop inside my brain.  As we speak, a freshly baked coffee cake is cooling on the counter, ready to be devoured.

2.  I speak what's on my mind.  It has gotten me into lots of trouble, but I like to think that I am slowly being refined over the years.  Either that or I am thinking less thoughts to share....

3.  I am not a big fan of my feet.  They are SUPER long (size 9.5-10) and I have skinny ankles and so I always think they look astronomically disproportional.  My dad always told me they were "great platforms for balance when you're pregnant."  Great dad, just what every teenage girls longs to hear.

4.  I am confidant, as in I know who I am and where I am going,  but I also have some raging insecurities that you will probably never hear about. It makes me sad that people assume that "confidant" people never feel any insecurities or reassurance.  Because they do.

5.  Sometimes I wish life had a little more adventure in it.  I know that means I'm supposed to go out and create my own, but sometimes I wish it was thrust upon me instead.  Like, "Oh hey, the landslide is coming!  Here, outride it with your family on these wild stallions while the Braveheart soundtrack plays in the background."

6.  When I was a child, my imagination would run wild. I mean, rampant, unchecked, WILD.  You would die laughing at some of the things I pretended.  Sometimes I miss that so much I ache.  That ability to lose myself in a daydream and becoming anyone, anything, anywhere in the world.  I am almost fanatical about my children spending time doing just that, using their imaginations, and I hope against all hope that I never, ever tell them to "stop daydreaming".

7.  I remember first becoming aware of the concept of time at age 7.  Being 7, I wrote a huge SEVEN on a piece of paper and was so incredulous at the thought that even as I wrote that huge number, when I got to the end, the part of the number I wrote first was already in the past.  I was just so bewildered that time could pass so quickly.  I still am.

8.  I remember having a little crush on a boy in kindergarten.  That means that Jocelyn could like someone in 3 years.  Aint no way, no how!!!

9.  I am not one of those people that "decorates with the seasons."  I pretty much put up Christmas stuff and take it down, and call it good for the year.  But this year I am going to make a supreme effort at some fall decor.

10.  I am finally, at the ripe old age of 28, figuring out a little bit more about what makes me the way I am.  I am embracing things about myself (still working on my feet) and learning to love the person God created me to be.  I am accepting things I struggle with, and finding ways to either improve them, or circumnavigate those obstacles.  I am finally starting to get up before my kids and have my quiet time with Jesus.  I am  learning how to not just be a Christian, but actually be Christ-like.  I am taking it one day at a time. 

It's your turn now!  I'd love to hear from you.  What makes you, you?


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  1. I'm laughing because #1 is me!! I thought I was alone in this. The funny thing is that for that child's pregnancy I craved sweets, but he has NO sweet tooth whatsoever! The next 3 pregnancy's I craved veggies and salad, and those 3 kids have a love for sweets. And I wonder how all this works...

  2. I've got #5 in adrenaline-charged spades, but I could go for spending my evenings with a significant other. :) But for reals, I've purposed to enjoy where God has me right now, because I know things change quickly. The things I have and the things I wish for will trade places before I know it, and I'll be left saying "Wahhh, I miss jumping off 15-foot embankments into deep water! Instead I have to take this girl out on a date."


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