A weekend in instagrams.

3:10 PM

   This weekend, we had a little pizza, a little movie watchin', a little football, a little coffee, a little BBQ, a little lounging around, a little church time, and it was all just a little bit perfect.


(In order of appearance)

   One of many coffee breaks, a 2 yr old daughter of mine mastering the teenage smirk (Lord, help us all), a TRIPLE-YOLKER from our chickens, sensory play that makes a huge mess but keeps two littles occupied for a while and so it's worth it, sportin' our team spirit, a little homemade BBQ from the homemade smoker, and last but not least, triple set of pink toes. (The Ducks were up by 45, what else were we supposed to do?) 

So what did you do with your weekend?

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  1. New here via your comment on Nicole's blog and loving it. What a beautiful life and blog!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jessie! It is always so fun to "meet" new friends.:)

  2. YOU HAVE CHICKENS?! How much cooler can you be?! Have you seen ashley campbell's coop from the blog 'Under the Sycamore'? It's one of my favorite.


    1. Oh Nicole, you're too much.:) Yes we have chickens and Randy made an awesome coop for them, but he built it over at his work and so they live over there. I'd love to have them at my house someday!!


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