Livin' the dream.

10:39 PM

Whoo, snuck this one in at the buzzer!

Today's Blogtember prompt is share a memory you would love to relive.

   OH my, where do I start on this one?  There are so many classics, too many to name.  The sweet taste of victory on the volleyball court.  Those epic weeks of Spring Valley Bible camp.  Performing on stage in the school play.  Falling in love.  Dates, holding hands, seeing him in that tux, walking down that aisle.  The piercing cry of our first born child.  The first time that same child said "I love you mama", unprompted.  Like I said, I could go on and on and on. 

But if I HAD to choose? I would have to say our honeymoon. 

   What a trip.  We were young, in love, had money in our pockets, and all the time in the world.  We headed South of the Border and spent time in the sand and the sun, and I cherished every bit of it.  Talk about LIVIN the DREAM.

   Randy, if I haven't told you this yet, forgive me.  I should have 1,000 times by now.  THANK-YOU for planning the perfect honeymoon.  Thank you for prioritizing it, saving up for it, and just going above and beyond to give us a little escape from reality.  I had the best time in the world with you.  I didn't think it was possible to fall more in love with you, but I did.  I just remember thinking, "I always thought this was a cliché, but this really is paradise."  You are the best person in the world to travel with.

 I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

   Honeymoons are so bittersweet.  They really should happen at about your 8th anniversary or so when you can REALLY, truly, fully appreciate the time away from it all, no obligations, responsibilities, alarm clocks or kids climbing all over you, clamoring for your attention.  As it is, they happen right after the high of dating, engagement and your wedding day, so basically the world's your oyster and life is one big party.
   But isn't that the way life usually goes?  We whiz through moments, and they all seem a bit insignificant.  A meal here, a nap there, a swim in the ocean, a shower, a night's rest in bed. And it's not until later that we look back and can say, "Those were some of the best moments of my life".   But why can't we notice that right then and there?  Why can't we take up the moment, seize it in our hands to hold forever and ever and know it for what it is?  Know it for the gift that it is. 
   All I know is, memories have a way of growing more and more precious with time.  Because other things start to enter your life and crowd in from every side.  Children and church obligations and friendships and business and house hunting and groceries and mortgages and bills to pay and suddenly those memories in your mind?  GOLD MINE of goodness.  And you can revisit them in precious little daydreams, and try to recreate the sand between your toes and the wind in your hair and the salty ocean breeze on your face, and it all seems so surreal.
   I mean....I was in Mexico with the love of my life, and we had the entire world ahead of us.  Shouldn't there be at least, oh, 50 honeymoons per marriage?  I mean, come on.   But the thing is, life doesn't end there.  Our honeymoon was amazing.  The stuff dreams are made of, really.  It was truly, honestly, one of the best times of my entire life.  But I'm glad that even with the changes of kids and bills and schedules.....I can honestly say that we are still living the dream. 
It just might not always be in Mexico.

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  1. Madison saw the picture of your shadows and after asking who it was said, "well why is he biting her?" I'm still laughing about it and just had to share. :) Btw I'm really enjoying you posting everyday. Way to keep it up!

    1. That is hilarious!! Oh madison, the joy that she brings.:)

  2. you are so gorgeous, shelley, it gives me chills. ;)


    1. And YOU are seriously one of the most encouraging humans on this planet. Period.

  3. Love this and totally agree...I keep hoping that at a big anniversary we can go back to the place we had our honeymoon. Those were some of the most special days. Also love how you brought it all back to today living the dream. Great post.--LaDonna

    1. We hope to go again someday too!!! Oh I long for that day.

  4. So lovely!!!I love that you shared the thought of how we whiz through seemingly "insignificant" events and then regret it. Love the blog and love the adorable pics.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! It means alot to me. You are too kind!


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