DIY Oregon Duck t-shirts.

2:41 PM

   There's a big game on tonight.  Ducks vs. Stanford.  I wanted us all to dress up in some yellow and green team spirit, but if you know anything about college sports you know that their fans are suckers for a $20 t-shirt with an "O" on it.  I mean, really.  Well, not this girl!   I decided to make my own and share it with ya'll while I was at it, hence the tutorial. (Check out my DIY team spirit onesie tutorial over here. Pretty much the same idea.)

  First, get yourself over to Wal-mart and score two t-shirts for $5 like I did. (One was on sale) Also buy some permanent fabric markers that include your team colors.

 Then, find some logos online and print them off of onto regular ol' printing paper.  I'm sure there's a way to do this with tracing paper, but we're just not that fancy over here. 

Slide a book underneath the shirt, and place the logo on top of the book, showing through the shirt.

I always begin tracing the outline first, and then filling in and darkening and shading later.

    This part will take some time.  I recommend popcorn, cider, and the CMAs like I had last night.  Musicals or old movies would be perfect too....something you don't mind missing a lot of, but can still hear and be entertained by.

    Get creative! You can do whatever you want.  You can follow the logo exactly or not.  I added this little duck to the back of Jocelyn's shirt.

 I thought it all looked so fun while I was doing the shirts for the girls, that I decided to add a little interest to an Oregon Nike hoodie I had picked up at Goodwill one time.

 Then you're all done! Put your dirt cheap team spirit on and marvel in your kids' cuteness.


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  1. Love it! Adorable pictures of the girls too.

  2. that last photo. little heartthrobs.

  3. Really fun! I love projects like this! Go Ducks!! I have family in Oregon and they are all huge Duck fans!

  4. Wow. Love the idea... I'm interested in how they wash. The girls make the t-shirts cute! :)

  5. Hmm, and here I've been buying all those graphic tee's...

  6. Thank you for give very nice informations.


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