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   Lately I have been feeling SO fashionably inspired by a few different mommy bloggers, and I figured I might as well share them all with you.

   None of these are news, they've been around for quite some time and are bigger than sliced bread.  But I've just lately been feeling freshly inspired and getting a vision for the direction my personal style is heading.

   First up, we have the queen of all mommy bloggers right now, Naomi Davis from Love Taza.  (used to be the Rockstar Diaries).   Reasons she is in my top favorite bloggers of all time:

A.  Her kids are almost identical in ages/space apart as mine.  I love seeing what they are up to and what new things they are doing and when.  I'll never forget the moment I found her blog and she had a little girl shortly after I had mine and I felt like I could identify with EVERYTHING she was going through.  Then I got pregnant 9 months later and I was like "Who does this?" and then Naomi did and I was like, "O.k. I must not be crazy after all".  O.k. just kidding but sort of.  Then she had a boy, and our similarities ended.  Ha.  No but seriously if she would have had a girl, it would've almost been scary.

B.  She makes motherhood look FUN.  Not just fun, but desirable.  Enjoyable.  Worthwhile.  Meaningful.  A high and glorious calling.  A dream job.  A passion.  I absolutely love it when mothers accept the hard work and challenges of children head-on, and don't become a victim, but rather count it a privilege, a blessing to be in the position that they are.  It is positively inspiring.  We have enough forces/influences and pressures all around us telling us that motherhood is hard, awful and thankless, and that is hard enough to overcome.  But coming from other mothers?  That is powerfully damaging.  And so it is so refreshing to have someone putting motherhood in a glorious, fulfilling spotlight!

C.  Her style is KILLER.  I adore the way she mixes thrifted finds and vintage goods into her daily wardrobe.  Anyone who does not have to buy the latest, greatest, most expensive thing around to be fashionable is a favorite of mine.

   Many, many more reasons, but I'll try and keep it to three.  Here are some of my favorite Naomi Davis fashion moments.

    And after falling in love with her long gray maxi dress, (which is maternity-friendly too!) I found one myself and wore it today to a friend's child's birthday party and I don't think I was prepared for how COMFORTABLE, easy, child-friendly and goes-with-anything these things are!  It literally could be re-mixed with almost any jacket, sweater, hat, shoe or accessory in my closet.  So I am thinking it will become quite the staple in my wardrobe.  Make it warm in the winter with boot socks or tights or leggings or wear it in the summer plain.  I wore mine with ankle boots, but of course my feet were cut off in the pic.  That's what happens when you're not a fancy fashion blogger and your photography skills consist of sticking the camera somewhere, pushing the timer button, sprinting back into place and hoping for at least one good shot!  Plus then you get little gems in the picture like the bowl sitting on our back patio for the stray cat that keeps coming around.

On me:  Blazer (thrifted) gray maxi dress (F21) gold bracelet (gift from Janene) pendant necklace (gift from Jessi) head scarf (thrifted).

   Well I was going to do a few more inspirational bloggers but my girls are up and I am out of time.  Another day, perhaps.  Who is inspiring you lately?  And it doesn't have to be about fashion.  It can be about lifestyle, music, art, faith…..anything, really.  Inspiration comes in many many forms, and I'd love to hear from you on some of yours!

All photos (other than the last 3) are property of Naomi Davis, found via Pinterest.

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  1. I love the dress!

    I'm terrible at fashion, though I'd love to get better at it. If I could emulate one person's style I would probably pick Lauren Conrad.

    I am very hair inspired though! :) I love to switch things up, whether it's a perm or a short bob. I also love wearing different headbands.

  2. You have great style...and I love your head scarf. Have a happy Thursday!

  3. Neat post! I like the vintage vibe as well. As a stay at home mom, it seems I don't ever dress up anymore so fashion is low on my radar. I did buy a striped maxi dress last year that I loved. As for inspirational bloggers... I have been enjoying the blog of Lara Casey. I went through her series on goal setting and she is just a very inspirational person when it comes to motherhood and faith as well.

  4. fashion done well inspires me. Love that power we have as women, to be a great representation for Jesus in the area of dress!
    great post.


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