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4:05 PM

   Well, well, well.  The sun actually decided to show it's face today so we are TOTALLY going to go outside and frolic in it.  But the girls are still napping and so… we are.

   I have a few little things to catch up on that have happened recently.  First up, Jocelyn went to her friend Addie Mae's birthday tea.  And it was quite darling.  Erin (her mama) had every little detail perfectly thought out and executed, from the tiny little labels on treats and favors to the garlands on the chairs.

   All dressed up and ready to go…..why is she looking so old these days??  Seriously, it is like the universe is TRYING to make me feel like time is completely out of control.  Well, I guess time IS completely out of control…..but you know what I mean.  Slow down little miss, mama's beggin' you!!

   And in other news….I am beginning to realize that I am not as social as I used to be.  By that I mean, I still enjoy parties and friends and hanging out as much as the next extrovert (and always will) but I used to be like….almost dependent on it.  I would start to feel sort of stifled if we just stayed home all of the time and became almost desperate to GET OUT and do something.  My ideal week was having something to do/somewhere to go like, every other day.  Honestly.  Makes me panicky now to think of that!  Isn't it funny how people can change?

   But times change, people change, and I am beginning to realize how much I honestly, truly, ENJOY weekends that are just spent at home.  Movies, games, snacks, lounging, household projects, comfy clothes, time with those I love the most….that's where it's at.   And a couple Saturdays ago that's precisely what we did.  

   Randy smoked some AMAZING ribs, I made some sides, and we all watched a little football.  It was pretty perfect.  
   Making homemade ribs on his homemade smoker…..pretty impressive even if it HADN't been raining, which it was!

  I have two little good eaters at this house right now, and I hope it never changes!  But that's the very thing, it seems to go in stages….keep eating little ones, keep eating. 

   Along the lines of this staying in/going out train of thought, I am beginning to feel a need to schedule more.  Blah, blah, blah, I know all of you are probably doing this already and have been for years, but for me, this is a new concept.  In the past, we've always just sort of been winging it, day by day, week by week, seeing whatever came up along the way.  On one hand, I love the flexibility it provides.  On the other hand, it can get out of hand pretty quickly.  And the busier we become, the more I realize that I have pretty specific ideals for how I want our time to be used.  Hosting friends, date nights, Bible study, family time, play dates, church activities, and plain old FREE TIME are all things I want/need and for all of that to be able to happen harmoniously, it takes some intentional scheduling.  

   Like I said, it's not rocket science!  I'm sure this is old hat to most of you and so that brings me to my next question….what are some things that work well for you and your family?  How do you plan/schedule/organize all of your time and weekly/monthly events?  Do you try and plan things out way ahead of time?  Do you make it up new week by week?  Or do you have "set in stone" events (date night, family night, etc)  that everything else should revolve around?  I am open to any tips, bits of advice, etc.  I'd love to hear from you!  

And now if you'll excuse me, I need to go play outside.  

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  1. What a great little party! These pictures are just too precious! And it's true, that blue sky today in the PNW was just perfection!! :)
    xo TJ

  2. Joce does look so grown up suddenly! That sock bun. Darling! And those ribs look amazing!

  3. To me scheduling is rocket science ;-) I've tried for years, and all I can say is keep it as simple as possible and find what works for you and stick with it even if others question how it can be.

  4. I've been winging it one-day-at-a-time for the past three years, which is fairly alarming when I actually think about it. Sometimes I plan events and get-togethers and trips only to realize I've already made conflicting plans. It's a mess. I love my life, but more stay-at-home time sounds amazing. Throw in some ridiculously good-looking smoked ribs and we're talking double amazing. (Tell Randy his smoker looks incredible.)

  5. Aww I am honored you enjoyed the party!

    I had to do a double take at the first photo...I did not understand how J measured at 4 feet!


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