Daily hieroglyphs, courtesy of Instagram.

3:57 PM

   Well...when my brain is empty and I don't have anything to post about there is one place that I always turn….so that brings us (of course) to happenings lately on Instagram…..

   A quiet spot in my morning after a most turbulent night….Jesus calling is a delightful little devotional that at times seems like it was written for me.  No one else, just for me.

   I mean seriously….rehearsing our troubles?  That is SO me.  When really, all along we were only meant to experience them once.  No WONDER we feel too weak to handle all that comes our way.

   I love that these two share a room, (not a bed, but a room. Jocelyn just likes to climb in there and tease little sis) but we are going to have to change things up for nap time.  There's a little bit too much of this going on these days, and not enough sleeping…..

Is there anything sexier than a man in the kitchen?  Didn't think so.

What…you don't wash your feet while you brush your teeth at your house too?  You're missing out.

   That absurdly annoying phenomenon when your hair decides to look nicer 10 seconds before you go to bed then it ever does in public.  Why?!?!  Also, that moment when you realize that you match your shower curtain…..

   A rare sunshiny moment meant, of course, some time outside at the park.  My sis-in-law used to live JUST across the street from this park.  And now that we're close by, they aren't here anymore!  Sometimes life is just not fair.

    I've never really liked grapefruit until I discovered this little gem….stick it in the oven and broil for a few minutes until it's all steamy and hot and sweet-smelling.  Then sprinkle with a little brown sugar and enjoy!  DELISH.

  FINALLY got to see the darling little Gibson Davis today.  And he is a cutie, just like his big brother Grayson.  It is so fun to be raising little ones the same time as our friends….Barney & Nikki's two boys are almost the same space apart as our girls (17 months and ours are 18).  Even though we are at slightly different stages.  I so CLEARLY remember when Charlotte was born, and seeing little Grayson planting sloppy kisses on little brother's head made me remember just HOW little Jocelyn really was when her little sister arrived….I truly had two babies.  It makes me so sad to think that I probably forced Jocelyn to grow up a little faster than I should have….needing her to be more independent than she was.   I so hope I cherished that time enough…..but how exactly does one "cherish each time" or "savor the moment" or "carpe diem" when one is SURVIVING??!

So dear Nikki, don't ask me for advice. I'm not sure that I have any.

   As is with anything else in life, I am learning more and more that we're all just making it up as we go along.  It is best to stay flexible, bendable, and moldable.  That way you can move to fit whatever shape life throws at you.  As for the people that seem to have an answer for everything imaginable, and every little last piece of the puzzle all figured out??  Well THOSE are the ones I'm most worried for.  Because those are the ones who get completely flummoxed when things don't go as previously thought, or as PLANNED.  Those are the ones that don't know how to improvise, a.k.a "wing it" which is a valuable skill that has come in handy for me countless times. I've found that things don't nearly as often "not go as planned" if you don't have a plan!  Hahaha.

So that's my advice.  Don't have a plan.  Know a God who has a plan.

   I may be smart or I may be crazy, but at least I know better than to rely on my own strength!  We'd all be in a heap of trouble then.  Well, that's all for now, folks.  Hope you're having a terrific Tuesday!

P.S. I JUST remembered that I never followed up on that "mommy bloggers who inspire me" post.  We don't plan around here, remember? Tune in for that another time!

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  1. Loved your 'flexible' advice! Pretty much sums up my theory too. Seems the older i get the less i know.... :/

  2. God has a plan is so true, I've been learning that a lot this past year and will continue to learn. love the hair before bed thing too, mine has a way of looking the best right before bed. I am going to try your grapefruit recipe too, I used to eat it for breakfast and haven't in awhile. Hope all is well with you guys, the girls are adorable!

  3. "Also, that moment when you realize that you match your shower curtain….." Made me LOL... What can I say I am quite the fan of random. Broiling grapefruit... hmm may have to give that a try.

  4. Love the anti planning! (and the sexy men in the kitchen!) I am so not a planner. Yay, it's OK to be me! But I think the planners get a lot more done than I do and I run into a lot of sticky situations precisely because I didn't plan. Good thing there's more than one type!

  5. Nice and funny pics! Follow you and I hope you to visit my blog too.



  6. Love the instagram photos!I like these "photodump" style posts. You get to see so much of someone's life and routine!


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