Birthdays and other busy-ness.

3:12 PM

   Is anyone else's spring of 2014 looking absolutely crazy beans?  It seems like things are beginning to steamroll and won't slow down until about mid-July.  On our calendar for the next 3 months we have:

5 weddings
1 brother's high school graduation
Randy's 30th
Our 5th anniversary
Our annual garage sale
Charlotte's 2nd birthday
1 (possibly 2) out-of-state trips

   Not to mention Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, countless birthdays and church activities, etc.etc.  And I thought December was busy??!  Speaking of busy-ness, one of the blessings of having at least one of our families close by is getting to share in all of the birthday celebrations.  Recently we went to my sister-in-law's to celebrate Kevin's and Madison's birthday, which fall within one day of each other.

   The birthday girl, in all her pink-scootered glory. 

Jocelyn, in all of her "Man-oh-man I want that scooter" glory.

  Madison kept making this face that was part smile, part smirk, and all-parts cute. Jada being darling in the background, as usual.

   I'm not sure what Randy and Kevin are talking about here?  The effects of the decibel level achieved by 4 small girls in one house on one's eardrums, perhaps?

 And of course no party is complete without a few cupcake faces.  Adorable ones at that, I might add.

Well that's all for now.

   Brief, but that's just all I have in me today. If you refer back to my "parenting is awesome and the hardest thing ever" post, I received a first-hand lesson in that today as Jocelyn escaped out of her bed during nap time, out the front door, and went over to the neighbor's house to play while I was here, in the office, oblivious, working on this post and other things online. Sigh.

So like I said, that's all I have in me today.

How's your Monday going?  Hopefully better than mine.

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  1. Oh my word, Jocelyn!! For real? That's so great. I mean, for me reading the story, probably not so much for you living through it. ;)

  2. lol!!!!! ditto above!

  3. Don't worry, we've had a child escape TWICE. Well, we lived in two different houses and it was two different children but hey, it happens to the best of us! It sure does freak you out though!

    Quick question, when you pronounce Jocelyn does it have two syllables or three? Someone brought this up in a mom's group I'm in and I discovered my hubby and I say it differently. ha! So now I'm curious.

  4. Love that you said crazy beans! I have been in birthday mode all month. Enjoyed your pictures. 5 weddings, wowzers! Looks like lots of good busy, which is better then just being busy. Ha!


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