DIY window box.

4:32 PM

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that I've wanted a window box forever.

   Long before I even paid much attention to home decor, knew what square footage meant, or cared about the size of the laundry room, I envisioned sweet little window boxes on my sweet little bungalow.  Cottage. Cabin.  Castle.  Whatever.  Somehow, I knew that no matter where or what we lived in, a sweet little window box could make everything just a little bit better.

Turns out, it can!

  Randy gets another 1,000 husband points for doing this, but who's keeping track??  He's hot, he's funny, he works hard and loves on his ladies..….he's basically perfect.  So it's really just a handy little bonus when he follows all of my little Pinterest whims.  O.k. so not all of them….we don't have an indoor treehouse yet….but most of them anyway.

  I went to Home Depot and the price for flimsy little window boxes are ridiculous.  So he decided to build one instead.  I felt very much like 'Ma' Ingalls-Wilder filling up our homemade window box with flowers.  I'm reading the first of those books to Jocelyn right now and I am so charmed by their simple, homemade way of life.  Question, why are they called Ingalls-Wilder anyway?  Was 'Ma' a pioneer (pun intended) in the feminist movement? Or at least that's what I think of when I hear hyphenated last names.  But maybe that just makes me old-fashioned?  I'm so confused now.

   ***Note*** This is NOT a tutorial.  Not even close.  He followed something off of Pinterest, and I don't even remember what that was, and if I was to write it down it would just be the same as the one off of Pinterest…..blah blah blah.  Randy slapped some boards together and I stained them and planted flowers.  Easy peasy, lemon-squeezy.

  So if you want to make one, do what we did, or just look on Pinterest and you'll find like a jillion different ways to make one that are all incredibly simple.  Although you'll want to stain it BEFORE it's mounted on the wall, unlike me.  Oh and drill holes in the bottom for drainage BEFORE you plant flowers, too.  (Just kidding, we DID remember that one.)

    It's still not quite "done" as I have visions of the flowers dangling and draping all out of that box in a wild, country cottage sort of way.  But I was in a hurry and just wanted something in there quick, and so that is what is in there now.  But I'm sure that will change.  But that's the beauty of a window box!  It's like a window dressing that can change color and style with the season, literally!  Maybe I'll put little white pumpkins in there in the fall…….who knows!  So go build your own window box and play around with it.  I promise you it will make your ranch/igloo/teepee/condo that much more lovable and livable.

Happy Wednesday.

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  1. Ingalls-Wilder is Laura's maiden and married name. ma was just an Ingalls. :-)

    lovely flower box!

  2. omgeeee. now i need window boxes. haha. :)


  3. I am soooo there with you! I've always loved how window boxes just add life to the exterior of a house!

  4. Very lovely window boxes!! And what the other 2 said, there was no Wilder until the dashing Almanzo came along. :). Kristi M

    1. That makes a lot more sense now. :) But wouldn't Laura still just go by Laura Wilder then??

    2. I always assumed that it's because as a reader you mostly learn to know her as Ingalls. Most of the books are about her growing up years, so they retained her maiden name, too, so that everyone would recognized the books having been written by her. It would be interesting to know if she always went by Ingalls-Wilder or if it was her pen name.

  5. You need to post more house pictures!


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