Milkmaid braids and sunny skies.

4:05 PM

   I'm fairly certain that it's actually pretty corny to be an adult and match your 3-yr-old daughter, but when you are standing in your closet trying to decide what to wear and you hear a little voice plead, "Match me mama!"  there's just not a whole lot of options left.

   So today we matched, and after watching me braid my hair, she wanted a matching hairstyle as well.  So "coordinating" quickly morphed into matchy-matchy.  And you know what?  Corny or not, it's actually a lot of fun.

"Oh Liesl, your witty jokes just slay me!"

One rebellious, wayward wisp of hair decides to break from the ranks and make a run for it.....   

  Well nap time is over and the skies are actually sunny and blue today (!!!) and so I'm afraid I will have to sign off.  God heard my pleas for better weather in the form of tropical banana bread, perhaps?  Which speaking of, we were eating it again today.  Our banana bread addiction is reaching epic proportions lately.  But with the sun coming out of hibernation I will be less inclined to sit inside baking and more inclined to work outside.  

So good news all around.  

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  1. ADORABLENESS all around. Happy Thursday to you. Have a wonderful day with those babies. xo

  2. Can I just tell you how beautiful you are? I LOVE your braids too.
    I sometimes match my girls, they think it's fun. We've had matching saltwater sandal colors the past two years....just a few minutes ago we were online picking new colors and they want to get whatever I pick so we can match still. ;) I'm enjoying it...pretty soon they won't want us to all be the same!
    Happy Day to you. XxOo

  3. Yep! Penelope Cruz!! :))
    So pretty n sweet.
    Love matching my girls..
    It's part of the fun of daughters!

    Happy Friday!!

  4. You do look like Penelope Cruz :) Love the braids, I can't wait till I can braid my girls hair. Lorraine Roggie


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