A day at the museum. And wedding. And park...

3:59 PM

Well, I knew this was going to happen.

   Things have been soooo busy lately and I have just not been able to get caught up on my blog, and we are leaving for Hawaii on Sunday (!!!) and I don't really want to have all that hanging over my head while I'm trying my best to relax, so.....things are going to have to be squished together in a big, jumbled, conglomeration of pictures and one, giant, update about totally non-related things.

Fun times.

First off, we got Chris and Stephanie married off on a beautiful day in June.

   Sorry for the poor quality, I only snapped a few on my phone, as taking my camera to weddings AND taking care of little ones just feels way too overwhelming.  I ended up holding a sleeping Charlotte for most of the reception, so my numb arms couldn't have managed a camera very well anyway!

   Stephanie was GORGEOUS, Chris was handsome, and they had such a lovely day.  It was so fun to get to meet his family and get to know them a little bit more.  Now it feels more like sending her off to a new home, instead of just watching her leave.   She's going to be in such good hands.

  They don't have the link up yet, but be watching for more of their amazing pictures over here!  

   O.k. so I'm already out of order here....BEFORE the wedding, we went to OMSI for the day with some of Randy's family while everyone was still around and not moving or honeymooning, or going all different directions.  The kids loved it, and if you haven't checked it out recently, you certainly need to.  They have a room for the little ones that could keep them entertained for days!


Apparently it keeps bigger ones entertained as well. :)

   There was this cool reading tent that I'm sure all parents enjoy as much as (or more than) the kids do.  He may or may not have dozed off for a few minutes on that bean bag.....

   How cute were they in their matching dresses?!  And we didn't even try it.  For some inexplicable reason I couldn't find any pictures of Xavier or Nicolas....but it seemed that they were at just enough of a level difference than the girls, that they were often doing different activities.  For example, when we were in the "kid" room, Xavier told Byran, "I want to go learn stuff".  And off they went.  Like father, like son.

  On another beautiful day in June, we threw yet another party, this time for somewhat of a sad reason.....it was a going-away party for our dear friends Ben and Emily who are moving back to Seattle.  I am happy that she will be close to her family again, and I am happy for Ben's job opportunity, but I am certainly sad for us, and for our girls who will miss seeing their girls. :(  But we certainly plan to visit them, and I know they will be back here often as well.

STILL.......not fun.

 So many cute kiddos and not enough time to capture them all!

  We've enjoyed late-night game nights, trips to Seattle, Duck football games, parties and a vacation in Arizona with this great couple, and we will really miss having them around! But we know God has big plans for them in Seattle too.  I've so enjoyed our times together, and hopefully there are many more memories still to be made.  

  Well, this post is already far too long, so I'm going to wrap things up.  It's Friday, people, you made it!!

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  1. Isn't OMSI so fabulous? Did you see the dinosaur exhibit? Very cool. Anyways, I feel like I haven't seen you in YEARS so you have to keep posting so I can know what's going on in your life. And maybe someday we'll get to have a live person visit. Enjoy Hawaii!!

  2. Yay for Shelley posting again! I'm so with you on this summer being a busy one... Us too, and blogging has fallen by the wayside for, um, most of this year for me. But it's the LIVING that counts, not the blogging, right? :)

    Have a great time in HAWAII!! I can't wait to see pictures of that! :)

  3. It's not giving me the reply option, so we'll do it this way. Melissa--I agree, it's been years. We need to do something about that! And I need to meet that little Jonas-charmer!

    Clarita--Thanks for your sweet encouragement. Summer has been crazy, right?? And I agree, living is what counts, not necessarily the documentation. :) Blessings to you!


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