And just like that, she is two.

3:02 PM

  It's been about a week now since our Charlotte girl turned two.  I know everyone says that time flies and they grow so fast, and don't blink or they'll be teenagers, and about 100 other cliches when it comes to little ones growing up, but boy is it ever true!  I can hardly believe it was two whole years ago that we met this little firecracker for the first time.   She is truly our little sunshine girl, and brings so much joy to our lives.  

   We did a joint party with her cousin Xavier again (here's the one from last year) and I am becoming more and more convinced that is the way to go as far as parties are concerned.  It's so nice to have help!  We decided on a camping theme which kept everything basic and simple, and I truly loved how everything turned out.  It was so fun to work on our yard and flowerbeds trying to get everything ready before the party.  I am discovering how much I really enjoy outdoor hosting!

  O.k., let's just be honest, the entire camping theme was based off of Amy's idea for this cake.  It is just TOO cute!! And I am so amazed at how simple it all really was too.

  I may or may not have stayed up til 1 am the morning of her party finishing this scrap tutu for the birthday girl....but I think it was worth it.

  Grandpa Graber (my dad) made this teepee for our girls, and I finally got it covered in time for her party.  It was such a fun touch, both for decoration and activities, and it was all the more special because it was almost like having my parents represented there too in some small way.

  It was so special to have a family there from our church who have helped so much with our girls, and have truly been like surrogate grandparents to Jocelyn and Charlotte at times.  They have been such a blessing to us!

Xavier, the birthday boy and his mama Amy, expecting #3 any week now!! 

   I am just so content when my yard and home are filled with friends and loved ones.  A little part of me comes alive at a party, and life is just too short to have enough of them!

   I am so grateful to have such wonderful people surrounding our family with love and support, and that offer so much help with our little ones.  I am always overwhelmed at their birthday parties at the love that surrounds each one of our girls, and we are so blessed and honored to have such wonderful relatives and people in their lives!

Charlie-babes, I can't believe you're two. 

    You already seem older and bigger to me.  You are getting bolder and braver, causing your mama a few gray hairs now and then, like when you try to venture over to the neighbors house, or when you lock yourself inside cars like you did yesterday.  

   You already have such a huge and tender heart, exclaiming "Oh!" with empathy and understanding, and I can just tell you are going to be great with people.  You love your daddy.  No, you L-O-V-E your daddy.  No one quite lights up your face like he does.  Two peas in a pod, your daddy and you.  

  I really, truly LOVE the stage that you are at right now!  I said it with your sister before and I'll say it again with you......the terrible twos are a myth!  Even if some days are harder than others, or some moments more frustrating than others (specifically when I find artistic pen marks decorating all of the furniture)  I can honestly say....I love this age.  I love your openness and expressiveness and giggles and frowns and shouts and exclamations.  You are a bundle of life and energy and I can't wait to see the plans God has for your life!  I just know it is going to be such a fun one.  

I am so blessed to call you mine. 

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  1. Love this cute little party and the camping theme is such a great idea. My kiddos would have a ball in that teepee. :) I won't show them or they'll ask for one all the time. :)
    ~You have a beautiful little one!

  2. Ah the party looks darling! Love all the little camping details! And I cant wait to see your house, it looks wonderful!

  3. love the tutu!!! so cute! and the camping theme looks so fun too!

  4. I think I will be stealing this birthday theme sometime :) With both of my girls having fall birthdays, this would be perfect! And the view behind your house! So beautiful! We dream of someday having a similar view from our back porch :) -Sherri

  5. Just lovely, and Charlotte is gorgeous! Happy Birthday baby girl! ~Jewel

  6. What an adorable party theme! And having a shared party sounds like a winner - fun for the kids AND the moms. ;)
    Charlotte seems to have grown up so much in your last few posts, and changed in looks so much too! And I totally agree - two year old are just my favorite! Lots of work, yes, but I absolutely love it!


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