Scandi Fest 2014.

4:30 AM

   And now is that moment when I type up a token "summer festival post" which is entirely cliche, but I just can't keep myself from doing so.

   Each and every year the summer doesn't feel quite complete until we indulge in a little sugar and deep-fried goodness at the local Scandinavian Festival.   I am pretty late to the game posting about this year's, but I need to quickquickquick because everyone is shoving fall down our throats already.  (I'm looking at YOU, pumpkin spice latte)  Cool your jets people, it's still August!

   We fight the crowds with one in a stroller and someone carrying the other little one, and make our way to our favorite food booths.  Sugary sweet Fri-jos, savory Nordic crab meat pies, saucy Frickadellers and spicy Italian sausage are always somewhere at the top of the list.  There is never quite enough room in our tummies for all of the flavors we'd love to sample, but we do a pretty good job of attempting to fit it all in.

   This year's Scandi Fest fell on the time of Nate & Janene's visit, and we headed there directly after picking Nate up from his lo-o-o-ong drive out West.  I would've been ready for a shower and a bed but he was such a great sport and totally up for a night out.  We are so blessed with such rich friendships in our lives, and I am just thankful that they still have fun hanging out with couples with kids.  As that DEFINITELY changes the dynamic of a "night on the town".

   Nate especially was just so great with the girls.  For some reason Jocelyn took a shine to him from the get-go, and would hardly leave his side.  It probably didn't help matters that he was a big softie when it came to her and bought her Dutch Bros and now how could a girl resist that??  But they were both just amazing with our girls and I can't wait to watch them be parents too someday.

   You can read about last year's foray into Scandinavian culture here.  And it makes me sad to look at those pictures because Ben & Emily often go to the Festival with us and this year they were missed, since they've moved back to Seattle.  Boooooo.

    Perhaps one day Jocelyn and Charlotte will be brave enough to join the children all dressed up in their Scandinavian finery and dancing cute would that be???! 

    But for now they are content to steal our sweet potato waffle fries and eat too much ice cream while watching from the stands and refusing to take nice pictures for their mama.   

Summer festivities at their finest.

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