Why I don't write bucket lists.

5:00 AM

God sure knew what he was doing when He put Randy and I together.

  Not only do we make beautiful babies, (biased, but still) but I think that I would end up going a little bit stir-crazy with anyone else.  I need a little spontaneity in my life to keep things running smoothly.  I need a little "Hey let's go _____" in my day-to-day.  And Randy is SO good at that.

   The pictures from yesterday's post of us hiking was one such last-minute plan of his.  It was on a Sunday morning, one that dawned bright and beautiful and a little extra crazy.  We needed to leave even earlier because I was singing  and Randy teaches Sunday school and things are always a bit of a whirlwind at our house on that day.  But the weather was already warming up to be one of those days you knew was just going to be breathtaking.

   I'm always a little bit wistful when I remember Sunday afternoons with my family and friends, going on long bike rides and Ultimate Frisbee in the park......no one does any of that around here.  I'm pretty sure everyone just goes home from church and takes a long nap.

   But on that particular Sunday, Randy said, "How about a hike after church?"  And I couldn't say yes fast enough.  We threw a picnic lunch together and extra clothes in the car and it ended up being so perfect and beautiful and just what we needed.  The last minute camping trip was his idea too.  So many good ideas in that head of his, I tell you.

   And so when he came home from work one evening and said, "Let's walk down to the park and grill hotdogs" I said, (of course) "Yes!"

   The girls loved it and I am just so thankful for the little time we had together.  He always comes home from work dirty and tired and I'm sure feels like crashing on the couch and doing little else.  But I'm so blessed that he takes time for them, and he takes time for me, and we all benefit because of it.

  Summer is so precious, so short, and so fleeting, that I've learned when I try to plan it all out and squeeze every last drop of it, it just becomes stressful in a hurry. My friend Nicole wrote over here about that very thing....forsaking the bucket list in lieu of living slow and thankful.  And I love it!  I've never been a huge fan of bucket lists.  SO. MUCH. PRESSURE.

   Plus I'm really unorganized and inconsistent and function best when I fly by the seat of my pants, and so bucket lists sound to me like an excellent way for me to feel like I'm constantly falling behind and just a basic failure in general.  No thanks.

   With fall right around the corner, I'm so glad we've said "yes" to the little summer opportunities that have come our way.  When the rain comes and keeps us all inside for far too long I know we will be thinking back on all of it with extra fond memories.  (p.s. photo by Jocelyn)

What spontaneous things have you been saying yes to this summer?  I'd love to hear.

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  1. Maybe your bucket list can be after you do it. Like you do something spontaneous and then you put it on the list. At the end of each year you can look back and say, look at all the awesome stuff we did this year! I think gonna start that myself!


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