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9:22 AM

   A big, fat thank you to all who entered my birthday giveaway!  What a fun, fun time that was.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am thinking that needs to become a reoccurring feature around here.

  And the winner is.........*drumroll please*  JERIN YODER!  I am so tickled that she won, she completely deserves it!  And for all those who didn't win this time around, rest assured the winner was picked completely randomly through rafflecopter and :)  Maybe the next time will be your lucky turn!

   My birthday started wonderfully with Randy making me breakfast, but then continued fairly normal, with Randy having to work and me doing laundry and cleaning the house.  But I think that's kind of what it means to be an adult, unfortunately.  But after he got off work we dropped the girls off at Grandma's and got to go to the Duck game!  Plus the pre-game burger was possibly the best burger of my 29 years.  So that was a highlight.

   Back in the days B.C. (before children) we would get season tickets.  But that is just not very feasible in this stage of life anymore.  I used to take those games for granted, thinking it was all Randy's thing and I was just being a good girlfriend/fiance/wife to go along with him.  But it's funny how you sometimes don't realize a good thing until you don't have it anymore!  I MISS going to those games.

Turns out I secretly enjoyed them all along, even unbeknownst to me.

   Another great birthday in the books, and today I'm off to freeze up corn like a good Mennonite!

Over and out.

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