Loon Lake.

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   I was gonna try my hardest not to make this little mini vacation into a 3-parter or anything, but I'm afraid it's just going to have to be!  It wasn't even THAT long....we were only gone Tuesday night through Friday evening, but there are just too many goodies for one blog post!

   For the first couple of days, we stayed at a lake house with friends near the coast.  And let me tell you.....this is one of those places that leaves an ache in your gut that you know you just simply HAVE to return to one day.  It's name was "Loon Lake" and if you know anything about Anne of Green Gables, then you know she would've approved.

   Its raw natural beauty was simply breathtaking and I could not get done exclaiming over it.  I only realized what a broken record I'd become when my 3-year-old started exclaiming, "It's SO BEAUTIFUL here!" over and over. :)  Hey, if she somehow manages to absorb a love for Jesus and the outdoors through this wild life, my job will be well done.

 We spent most of our time lounging around and talking, playing games, eating good food, and soaking in the beauty all around.  We've been running around like headless chickens all summer, so it was just what the doctor ordered.  But the next time I head out there (and trust me, there will be a next time) I'm taking a BOAT. Or kayak. Or floatie.  Anything to get me out on that lake!

   Deer seemed to be roaming all over the place, venturing near the house and seemingly unfazed by the high-pitched shrieks of excited children.  Even small spotted fawns seemed perfectly at ease in our close proximity.  It was as if we'd stepped right into that magical forest in Bambi where all of the woodland creatures break into song.  It was almost that magical.

    And let's talk for a minute about how good it felt to see this guy relax for once!  Jimminy Cricket's...he's been racing around like a Kenyon marathoner with work and his myriad of other responsibilities, and I just love to see him slow down, even if it's just for a day or two.   He did have to return home to squeeze in a day of work in the midst of the trip, but he let the girls and I keep right on vacationing, even without him.  We were sure happy to see him when he came back to join us though! It certainly wasn't the same without him.

   These sweeties played so well together, and my two girls were ALL over Gibson (pictured above), quite literally at times.  They loved him Just. So. Much.  They begged to feed him, hold him, pet him, tickle him, every day and all day long.  I just love seeing them so nurturing and having that desire to mother and love little ones already.  

   Why is it so much easier to connect with God in a place like this??  It's as if the grandeur of His creation all around you tugs at your heartstrings as He whispers "Come spend time with me."

 I'm reading in Romans right now and in chapter one it says, "For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse." 

I think that was so beautiful, and magnificently generous of God. 

  That not only did He send His son, but He designed the entirety of His glorious creation to display his power and divine nature.  Incredible!  So that even something as simple as taking a walk through the trees, a hike over the mountains, or a swim in a lake can become an act of worship.  A time of drawing closer to Him, talking with Him and communing with Him.  


  What are some of your favorite outdoor memories from this summer with your family? I'd love to hear!


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  1. beautiful! all so beautiful!!!
    makes me want to travel! =)


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